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Posted by Heather on December 28, 2016
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The Kodi Genesis add-on isn’t supported by Lambada anymore; they’re the team that produced it.  It’s not an official Kodi add-on application so, it doesn’t demand that their’s support for it.   The sources it had used in the past have changed their API’s (application program interface), and most of those providers for the streams it provided are web-based.  What does this mean?  The Genesis add-on gathered its content for you to watch from various internet locations.

Since no further support’s provided for the Genesis add-on, you could add another add-on or two that’s meant to replace it.  We’ll tell you all about them and how you can get and install both.

Let’s have a look and get into installing the Exodus and Specto add-ons.


The Exodus add-on is the replacement for the Kodi Genesis add-on.  It’s made by the same folks, the Lambada team.  So, if you’ve used Genesis, you’ll know it was superb and very highly sought out, it was the add-on to use.

There are no exceptions with the Exodus add-on.  It’s also one of the go to add-ons to watch movies and television through your Kodi device.  You can get the Exodus add-on by first installing Fusion.   We’ve already written How to Install Fusion for you so, just follow our instructions to get it done.  Then, you can install; and start using the Exodus add-on.

Installing the Exodus add-on

  1. Go to Videos on the main screen of Kodi.  Then, select Add-ons under the Videos heading.  Kodi Videos
  2. Then, go to the blue puzzle piece that says Get more… under it.  Click or select it.   Kodi get more
  3. The next thing you should see is a list of all available add-ons.   Scroll through until you see the Exodus add-on and select it.
  4. Then, on the next screen that displays the add-on, you’ll click or choose the Install button.  Now you’ll see a pop-up in the lower right hand of your Kodi screen that should tell you the Exodus add-on is enabled.
  5. After the Exodus add-on is enabled, you’re then back at the add-on list and it’ll inform you that add-on is enabled next to it, on the right.                                                                                                                                Exodus enabled

Now click on Exodus and start watching some movies and TV shows.  The exodus add-on also appears in the add-ons under the video subheading on the main screen of Kodi.


Another alternative for the Kodi Genesis add-on is Specto.  It uses the same mode of operation as the original Genesis add-on.  It’s creator modified and solved errors that plagued the Genesis add-on.

The current maker of the Specto add-on is providing support, so any issues get resolved.  It’s been called the best Genesis replacement by some.   Before you install Specto, there are some initial steps to take first.

  1. In your Kodi menu go to System then, go to the file manager subheading.  Then, select it.
  2. In the file manager select add source.  Then, an Add file source box appears on your screen.  Where it says <none>, type http://kodi.filmkodi.com then, click on the done button.  Next, you’ll type filmkodi in the Enter a Name for the media source box, then click done again.  Finally, click on the OK button.                 filmkodi.com
  3. Go back to your Kodi home screen.  Click on System.  Scroll down and click on Add-ons.  Then, select install from a zip file.  Now scroll down to the filmkodi source you just added and select it.                          install zip
  4. In the list that’s displayed go to repository.filmkodi.com and select it.  On the Install from zip file screen click on repository.filmkodi.com-2.1.0.zip.  You’ll see the notification in the lower right-hand side of your screen when the file has gotten enabled.
  5. Next, you’ll select and click on Install from repository.  Then, go down to Filmkodi.com repository – MRKNOW and click on it.
  6. Then, navigate to Video add-ons and click it.  Then select Specto – … Fork and click it.  Specto Fork
  7. Finally, click on the install button to install the Specto add-on.  Once Specto’s installed, you’ll see it enabled in the list.  Install Specto

As with Exodus and any of the other add-ons you’ve already enabled, you can find Specto in your add-ons under Videos from the main Kodi screen.

So, here we’ve given you two very capable and dependable alternatives to the Genesis add-on.  It’s not to say that you cannot still use the Genesis add-on if you’d like to because some of the streams may still work, but it’s not reliable and as usable as Exodus and Specto.  Also remember, the Genesis add-on no longer has support, but Exodus and Specto do.  So Exodus has become the replacement add-on created by the Lambada team that made Genesis.


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Heather says:
Hi Ed,
I see my typo. It should be http://kodi.filmkodi.com. This information has been fixed in the post
ed says:
Thanks! 🙂
ed says:
when i go to the addons/install from zip file – there is nothing listed to install. I tried this twice (both times verifying the url
to make sure it is identical to the one listed in this tutorial) – and still, nothing there to download/install.

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