What is the Latest Samsung TV Model?

With the release of the Q950TS 8K AI QLED TV, Samsung has revolutionized the tech world. They’ve not only produced the thinnest model we’ve ever seen, but implemented 8K performance and artificial intelligence.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Q950TS 8K AI QLED TV, from its stunning futuristic design to its incredible performance.

About the Model

Released in March of this year, the Samsung Q950TS 8K AI QLED TV gives us a glimpse into what the future might look like. The model is far beyond anything we’ve seen before. Of course, due to its exclusivity and high-price, it isn’t available to everyone.

However, it’s a sign of the direction that Samsung is heading. We can only hope that models like this will be more accessible in the next couple of years.

Initially, everyone was struck by the sheer size of this TV, as it’s huge by anyone’s standards. However, when you look it a second time, you can’t stop admiring its beauty and elegant design.

what is latest samsung tv


As mentioned above, Samsung has made this one of the slimmest models ever. Its bezel is so extremely thin, it almost seems like it doesn’t exist. Who would have thought it was possible to create such a large TV only 2mm thick?

It’s almost surreal – thanks to this feature. In fact, it seems as if the TV is floating in the air. It not only allows you to concentrate on the movie as if it was happening right in front of you, you genuinely forget that the screen is there at all.

It’s available in two sizes: 75 and 85”. Those lucky to have an empty wall big enough, finally have a TV to decorate it. In fact, with this model, you don’t need anything else in the room.

the latest samsung tv

8K Performance

Samsung has done a great job implementing 8K performance in this model. The contrast is impressive, and we’re able to see details we never thought we could see with such clarity.

Breathtaking cityscapes, flowers opening in real-time, close-ups of leopard fur… Samsung 8K technology allows you to take a look at things otherwise invisible to the human eye. It helps us connect with nature and the world around us on a completely different level.

The only downside: there’s still not a lot of 8K content available. The truth is that Netflix started experimenting with 8K technology, but not to any substantial degree. It turns out that the beautiful performance of this model is somewhat limited to scenes from nature and close-ups.

However, we believe that a big revolution of 8K content is just around the corner. The only problem is that making this content requires a lot more sources, so we may have to wait a while.

Artificial Intelligence

This model doesn’t stop surprising us with its amazing features. As if one built-in smart assistant wasn’t enough, the Q950TS has two of them. In addition to Samsung’s assistant Bixby, they’ve added Amazon Alexa for those who are used to it.

You can also combine them with Google Assistant. It means you can control even the most advanced functions with your voice, from the comfort of your chair.

Moreover, there have been significant updates when it comes to Samsung’s Universal Guide. This guide is different from recommendations found on any popular streaming services. Samsung claims that the new guide is entirely content-driven and based on your taste.

Section for Gamers

It’s no secret that Samsung TVs tend to be gamer-friendly. The Q950TS is no exception – many of its features are created to enhance your experience. The TV is programmed to detect the game and automatically switch to gaming mode to allow you to perform better.

One of the most important features is the multi-view option. It means that gamers will finally be able to play and watch videos at the same time on the same screen. Of course, other users could benefit from this as well.

It was as if Samsung knew that this new model would cause family competition, and everyone would want to be the first one to try it. Now, parents and kids can enjoy family time together, even if they don’t want to watch the same movie. Also, you can watch the latest news while your partner is watching their favorite TV show.

Moreover, the famous Samsung Game Motion Plus feature was improved by 40%. Meaning you can expect smoother movement in games, without brisk changes. The feature also focuses on special effects, so you can completely immerse yourself in the game. With the Q950TS, you can play for hours, without any disruptions.

Nothing Like We’ve Ever Seen

Most people didn’t expect anything like this anytime soon. The model may not be available to everyone, but at least we know what we can expect in the future.

What do you think of the latest model? Have any of the features surprised you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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