How to Level Up Fast in Pokémon Go

Since Pokémon Go is the hottest thing out there right now, we’re sure you’ve at least heard of it, if you’re one of the few who hasn’t tried playing it yet. People’s curiosity has definitely been piqued. I even overheard a grocery cashier telling her coworkers she needs to figure out this whole Pokémon Go thing, because her kids were playing it and now she wanted in. If for some reason you still haven’t given into your curiosity and tried it, you should definitely give it a try! If you already play, well, then read on for further tips and tricks.

We already told you how you can hatch eggs faster. If you also wanted to know how you can level up quickly in Pokémon Go, keep reading for the fastest ways we’ve found to level up your Pokémon.

How to Level Up

Catch Pokémon

Every time you catch a Pokémon, you get experience points. How much exp. (experience points) you get is determined by which Pokémon you caught. It also depends on if you’ve already caught that kind of Pokémon, or if it’s just now been added to your Pokedex. Once you’ve caught, let’s say, a Rattata for the first time, every one you successfully catch after that first one scores you one hundred experience points. So, catching as many Pokémon as possible certainly gets you closer to the next trainer level. Also, the way you throw your Pokeball can account for experience points, too.Pokemon caught


By making your way to a Pokestop, you’ll also gain experience points to advance to the next level. Plus, you get awesome rewards for visiting one. As you level up, the rewards become more essential to your continued Pokémon Go gameplay. You’ll still get Pokeballs, along with things like a potion, revive, and Razzberries.                                                                            Used Pokestop

Go to the Gym

Once you’ve located a gym,  it’ll do you good to stop by because this also raises your trainer’s experience level. If you’re ready to let your Pokémon do battle, you’re also going to gain some experience and be closer to leveling up sooner. Word to the wise: make sure your Pokémon are properly prepared for battle and make sure you know how to battle before you actually do so. You have to get your Pokémon prepped; otherwise, you’ll not do very well at all.

Incubate and Hatch Eggs

If you’ve acquired some Pokémon eggs from Pokestops and you’re in possession of some incubators, then get incubating. Put some Pokémon eggs in incubators and start walking and moving around to hatch the Pokémon eggs—once they do, you’ll get rewarded nicely. Not only do you get experience points, but you also get a lot of stardust.                      incubated Pokemon Go


Have you caught lots of weedles? They’re all over the place near us. Kakunas also seem to be highly present in our area. So, having tons of weedle candies, we evolved our Kakuna into a Beedrill, which alone gave us a thousand experience points alone. That’s massive and amazing!                                                                                                                        Kakuna Evolved

Just about anything you do in Pokémon Go gives you experience points, but major happenings and evolutions reward you the best. Also, the higher level of a trainer you become, the more the experience points increase also. By catching a level ten Pokémon at trainer level two, and then catching the same Pokémon as a level eight trainer, it gives you hundreds more experience points. So, it pays to play and keep racking up that exp.—because the higher you get, the more you’re rewarded.

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