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LG G7 Keeps Hanging (Fix!)

LG G7 Keeps Hanging (Fix!)

There are times when the LG G7 keeps on freezing and crashing. It is best to know how to fix this problem so read on. But before we proceed with the possible solutions to this problem make sure to update your G7 to the latest software update available. If after doing this you still have an app that keeps on malfunctioning then the steps below may help.

How to Fix Crashing Problem on LG G7

There may be different reasons behind your crashing LG G7. Here are a few of them and how to deal with them.

Delete Bad Apps

The most common reasons for a G7 crash is a defective third-party app on your device. We recommend that you go online to read reviews regarding the bad app that you have. If there are fixes from the developer then it would be best to install the latest updates. If you can’t find any then you must delete the app to keep it from causing your device to freeze or crash.

Lack of Memory

The app may be problematic due to not having enough memory for it to work properly. Try to free up memory on your G7 and check on the app again if the problem is solved.

Factory Reset Your LG G7

If you can’t seem to find a solution to this issue then the best recommendation that we can give is to perform a factory reset. You can follow this guide on how to factory reset your G7. Make sure that you backup all your important files on a PC or cloud to keep them safe. Doing a factory reset will wipe out all your data on your smartphone.

Clear the Cache on LG G7

There are instances when you forget to turn Off your G7 for several days. When this happens, apps tend to hang and crash at random. This is because of a memory bug. By simply turning your G7 Off and On could solve this problem. If it does not then you can still try these steps:

  1. Go to the Apps page
  2. Tap Manage Applications
  3. Tap on the application that keeps crashing
  4. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache

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