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LG G7 Won’t Turn On (Solution)

LG G7 Won’t Turn On (Solution)

For owners of the LG G7, there have been reports that the screen on their device seems to have a malfunction and is not showing on their device. This is even after the device has been confirmed to be turned on because the keypad lights are lit. Other users are also having the same issues but at different instances. The first thing that you can check is that your device does not have a battery problem and proceed to plug it into an outlet to make sure. If a dead battery is ruled out then you can try out the different solutions that we show you in this article today.

How to Fix LG G7 Won’t Turn On

You probably want to be on your way to get technical help. But, here are a few simple things you can try to troubleshoot the power problem on your LG G7.

Hit the Power Button

Make it a priority to test your Power button and see if there is a malfunction. Try it several times to find out if anything changes or if your problem is fixed. You can proceed to read the rest of our guide to know other ways you can try if this Power button fix does not work out.

Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

These step by step instructions will get your LG G7 into Recovery Mode by booting your device:

  1. Tap and hold the Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons simultaneously
  2. When your device vibrates, release the Power button while still pressing on the other two buttons, wait until the Android System Recovery screen appears
  3. With the “Volume Down” button highlight “wipe cache partition” and tap the Power button to choose it
  4. When you are done clearing the cache partition, the LG G7 will reboot automatically

Boot to Safe Mode

In order to discover if another third-party app is causing the problem you need to boot your device into “Safe Mode”. In this mode, your device will only run on the built-in apps. This will allow you to see if other apps are really the issue.

  1. Tap and hold the Power button at the same time
  2. When the LG screen appears, release the Power button and then press and hold the Volume Down key

Factory Reset LG G7

The last method that you can perform to fix this problem is to perform a factory reset on. It is recommended that you backup all your important files before you go on with this procedure. This may cause data to be erased. Here is a guide on how to factory reset the LG G7.

Get Technical Support

If for some reason, none of the above steps have helped in solving the issue it is now time to take your smartphone to your dealer to have it checked. Ask an authorized technician to do a proper diagnosis, check the unit for damage etc…If your unit is still under warranty then you can proceed to make a claim with your retailer just present the needed documents for a smooth transaction with your retailer.

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