LG V30 Not Getting iMessages

Posted by Melissa Reyes on November 13, 2017

Text messages are hands down the most utilized feature of smartphones.  Users rely almost 85% of their communication via Text Messaging.  So, when your phone is not receiving texts properly it understandably is frustrating. If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to the LG V30 it’s likely you’re experiencing issues receiving Apple iPhone iMessages. Below we’ll guide you through solving this infuriating issue.

How To Fix LG V30 Not Receiving Text iMessages:

If you still have access to your old iPhone

  1. Access your old iPhone, and remove the SIM card from your LG V30 and put it back into your iPhone)
  2. Turn on the iPhone and make sure it is connected to WiFi
  3. Select Settings > Messages
  4. Slide the green tab over to the left to turn OFF iMessages

If you no longer have your old iPhone

  1. Deregister your iMessage here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage
  2. Scroll down to “No longer have your iPhone?”
  3. Enter all necessary information and click Submit.

By completing these steps your LG V30 should now be receiving iMessages.