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LG V30: Turn Safe Mode ON Or OFF

LG V30: Turn Safe Mode ON Or OFF

The default software used in accessing the operating system is featured in LG V30’s Safe Mode, which grants the users the privilege to adjust system and OS settings when troubleshooting issues on the LG V30. Furthermore, if the LG V30 keeps restarting, using the Safe Mode is highly recommended.

Safe Mode is a distinctive mode that accesses the LG V30 settings, allowing users to install and uninstall applications securely and get rid of bugs. LG V30’s Safe Mode is for when  an application is screwing up and isn’t easily uninstalled through normal methods. Just shift to the Safe Mode and without damaging your device, you can simply uninstall the app. After fixing the issues, you can exit the LG V30 out of Safe Mode and use it again normally. Below are directions on turning Safe Mode on and off on LG V30:

1. Turn the LG V30 “OFF”
2. Until you spot the logo of “LG V30”, press and hold the lock/ power button
3. When the logo appears, instantly hold the down volume button while letting go the Power button
4. Until the rebooting of your smartphone finishes, keep hold of the down volume button
5. On the bottom, left corner of the screen will display a “Safe Mode” if it was successfully loaded
6. Release the down volume button
7. Press the lock/ power key and press restart to leave “Safe Mode”

It’s relevant to remember that when the LG V30 is in Safe Mode, this will debilitate all non-related apps and services until Safe Mode is turned off. This grants access into the device rapidly, whatever it is that you need to disable or enable, then restart.

Some models of LG V30 has been noted that it may wish you to press and hold the down volume button while starting up in an equivalent manner allowing Safe Mode to exit.

The methods above should enable your LG V30 to get in “Safe Mode”.

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Desmond Andrada

Nov 13, 2017

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