Life360 vs Find My iPhone Review: Which is Better?

Life360 Vs Find My Iphone

You have misplaced your phone, and you are worried you may have lost it or that someone stole it. You have called your phone, and you cannot hear it. After checking your car and the car park, you start to worry, but then you remember you have both Life360 and Find My iPhone apps on your phone.

So, the question begs, which of them is the better? Is Life360 the app you prefer, or does the simplicity of Find My iPhone most appeal to you?

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an app that allows you to find your misplaced iOS device, be it your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It is free and easy to use. The app’s known as “Find My iPhone” in Europe and the UK, and as “Find My” in the USA.

The two versions are not cross-compatible. For example, if you are using the US version and then move to Europe, the US version of the app will not work because it would still have to communicate with servers in the US. Thus, you would have to start using the European version of Find My iPhone.

Find my iphone

You place the app on your device, and you visit the Find My App website when you lose your device. The app allows you to protect your data by sending signals and instructions to your device.

If your device is on, you can activate the GPS and locate it on a map. You may also lock the device, lock your device, play sounds, display a message, and even erase everything on your phone. You can post a message that gives a phone number for whoever finds your device to call.

With this app, you may put your device into “Lock Mode,” which automatically locks the device and displays a message and phone number for anybody who finds the phone. If your phone’s GPS was on at the time, it could give you a location history, which may help you discover what happened to your phone after you lost it.

Just make sure you enable the iCloud setting on your device before you start using the app because the app uses this service to communicate with your device.


The Life360 app defines itself as a GPS and family locator. It aims to help you find your phone and find your family members too. It is a little more information-hungry, which some people may feel uncomfortable with. However, Life360 also works on Android, which means you can locate both your IOS and Android devices with this app.


You may set the device to let you know when people in your family circle, on the app, leave a physical location. The same is true if you are using the app to find your phone, though you would need access to a mobile device of someone in your family circle on the app.

You can view real-time locations of your family members or your mobile device. You can make your location private, or you can let your entire family circle see where you are. The circles you create in the app need not be limited to your family members. You could have one for workmates, friends, and so forth.

Life360 uses GPS technology to find your phone. You can also call the Life360 support team if you would like assistance while using the app. For example, if you are having trouble locating your lost phone, give them a ring. Or, even if your car breaks down, you can call the Life360 team, and they can use your location to help you call for a tow truck.

Life360 vs Find My iPhone – the Verdict

The Find My iPhone app is geared toward locating missing iOS devices and has several outstanding security features. Life360 doesn’t have these features, but it does have social tools, and it works with both iOS and Android devices.

If you are looking to find and protect your device, then use the Find My iPhone app. If you would like to locate your phone and monitor your family members, then Life360 is for you. However, no rule says you cannot have both.

Which app would you choose and why? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

One thought on “Life360 vs Find My iPhone Review: Which is Better?”

Avatar Angelica Sophia Jimenez says:
I often find that find my iPhone gives false locations causing me stress and panic but when I turn on 360 it will accurately find her and then I go back to my iPhone and then all the sudden it finds her correctly I’ve done this plenty of times it’s also funny Win 360 sometimes won’t or can’t locate her and I’ll go to find my iPhone and it will find her and then I check back with 360 and then it was suddenly find her too so I have to use both I just love the detail and history on 360 and it Actually help me find her phone when it was lost ! love 360

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