How to Limit Mobile Data Usage and Save Money

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on January 10, 2019
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Most of us use a large amount of data throughout the day. You may not even realize how much you use when searching for information on your mobile phone. There are many unlimited plans available, however, other charges can apply when you use excessive amounts of data. Your data speed may even slow down, causing many issues when searching. There are a few tactics that can help you save data. You may even be able to change your mobile plan to one with a lesser charge.

Turn it Off

You can easily use other forms of data in most places that you visit. Even most grocery stores have free Wi-Fi available. it only takes a minute or two to connect to the internet at a restaurant or store. You can even park your car near a store and reach the signal. Get in the habit of turning your cellular data off unless you absolutely need it. This way your phone automatically connects to your home or business Wi-Fi. It takes very little effort to do this, and you can eliminate many hours of cellular data use. When you are using online sites, you can often get a better connection with a quality internet service. This makes your browsing and site usages more efficient.

Background Data

Your phone may be busy making connections you are not even aware of. This has a lot to do with your settings. Take some time to check on how your phone is responding to things. You may have apps running in the background that you are not aware of. This creates steady usage that costs you money over time. This increased usage can make you think you need more data than you do. Go into your settings and turn off automatic updates and syncing. Your email or app updates can wait until you get back to home or work. Your email connects to date every time you receive a new message. Check each app to make sure you are conserving data.

Get out the Computer

There are many things you do on your phone that could simply wait until you get back to your computer. Internet browsing, shopping, or research can often wait. You can also bring your laptop with you to many places. You tend to get more done on the computer because you can type faster and see the details better. You may use quite a bit of data on the phone because you are straining to see the small print or typing slowly on the small keyboard. You may also want to see the results to your search clearly. You may be researching for a project, doing a background check, or making a purchase. Things like a background check or a reverse phone lookup may require you to input information that can be done best on the computer, conserving your mobile data.

You may not need to pay for a large data plan. Some people go with the most data possible because they do not understand exactly how much they are using. Check your data usage in settings on your phone. You can then try some of these tactics and check again to see how much has changed. You can then change to a lower plan if the savings are significant.

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