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Posted by Andrew on January 26, 2018

Everybody likes watching cartoons, and it doesn`t really matter how old you are! When you`re twelve years old (or even less), you enjoy a great imaginary world, support or disapprove some characters, and even want to become a little part of the fictional reality. When you get older, you begin to understand that the world, which you watch in cartoons, is the reflection of your own world! Thus, cartoons are still attractive and instructive for you! Especially this is vital if you remember the Lion King cartoon!
Just think how many Lion King quotes resonate with our life! All events and troubles of this animated film have deeply reflected the severe reality of the human world! Those famous lines from the Lion King will always be remembered. Do you think why? Because these inspirational quotes and sayings are philosophical and connected with such phenomena as love and family.
What about best quotes from Mufasa, Simba, Scar? It`s possible to find something useful and even inspirational in phrases from the King Lion animated film. You have a chance to take a fresh look at familiar words, which you`ve heard so many times! Funny quotes from Timon and Pumbaa will also interest you in their diversity and depth!

Best Lion King Sayings about Love

  • Love will find a way, anywhere we go. We’re home if we are there together
  • Can you feel the love tonight? You needn’t look too far. Stealing through the night’s uncertainties. Love is where they are… And can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are. It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer, that we got this far.
  • An enchanted moment, and it sees me through. It’s enough for this restless warrior just to be with you.
  • Love is never wrong and so it never dies.

Philosophical Lines about Life from the Lion King

  • Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.
  • Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to leaping antelope. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.
  • As you go through life you’ll see there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is things don’t always go the way we plan.
  • It’s a small world after all…

Funny Lion King Quotes for a Good Mood


  • Home is where your rump rests.
  • I’ve a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned.


Lion King Quotes with Inspirational Meaning

  • A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.
  • It’s like you’re back from the dead. You don’t know how much this will mean to everyone. What it means to me…
  • There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. There’s far too much to take in here, more to find than can.


Meaningful Lion King Quotes about Family


  • There’s one in every family, sire – two in mine, actually – and they always manage to ruin special occasions.

  • The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. So whenever you feel alone, just remember, that those kings will always be there to guide you… and so will I.

Wise Quotes from Mufasa

  • I`m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.
  • There’s more to being a king than getting your way all the time.
  • You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.


Important Lion King Quotes from Scar

lion king

  • So prepare for a chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for the sensational news.
  • Well, as far as brains go, I’ve got the lion’s share. But when it comes to brute strength… I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.
  • Oh, must this all end in violence? I’d hate to be responsible for the death of a family member.

Naïve Quotes by Simba

  • I know what I have to do. But going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.
  • Look, sometimes bad things happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. So why worry?
  • Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger.
  • I just needed to get out on my own, live my own life. And I did, and it’s great.

Cute Quotes Generated by Timon and Pumbaa

  • When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.
  • You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And everybody’s… okay with this? Did I miss something?!
  • You got to put your past behind you.
  • I’m telling you, kid, this is a great life, no rules, no responsibilities. The little cream-filled kind. And best of all, no worries.

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