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How To Locate a Person through a Cell Phone Number

How To Locate a Person through a Cell Phone Number

If you need to track and locate your kids or unmask a hidden caller ID, there are several ways to go about it. You can install one of many family tracking apps, or you can use an online service. There are also apps that specialize in uncovering hidden caller IDs. Let’s see how to locate a person via cell phone number.


TheTruthSpy is a simple and easy-to-use tracking app. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and it comes with a 48-hour free trial. If you want to track and locate your kids, the app allows you to track their calls, messages, as well as their Viber, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts.

Here’s how to set up and use TheTruthSpy:

  1. Download and install the app. You can find the Android version here and the iOS version on the app’s official website.
  2. Follow the configuration instructions.
  3. Once the download is complete, create your TheTruthSpy account. You can do it through the app or online.
  4. Log in and add the phone number of the person you want to locate.



If you need to track down a person, you can use Spyzie. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and is oriented towards parents who need to track their children’s locations. Spyzie can monitor app info, media files, contacts, text messages, calls, internet use, and other things.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Download and install the app. Both the Android and iOS versions are available on the app’s official site.
  2. Make a Spyzie account.
  3. Log in and finish setting up the app, following the Setup Wizard.
  4. Once the setup is complete, pick the OS of the target phone.
  5. Follow the installation guide on the target phone.
  6. When you log in on your phone and tap the “Location” button, you will see the target phone’s location on the map.

Spyzie App

Spyzie also lets you monitor the SIM card changes on the target phone. Additionally, if you lose your phone, you can protect your data with the remote locking feature.


Life360 is another location app focused on keeping track of your family’s whereabouts. For this app to work, both you and the person you want to track have to have the app installed and connected. It is a great option if your teen is out at night and you want to check where they are at the moment. The app is free and works with both the iOS and Android devices.

Follow these steps to download the app and get it up and running:

  1. Download the app for your IOS or Android.
  2. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and create your account.
  3. Next, tap the “+” icon next to your profile picture.
  4. Add the number of the phone you want to track.
  5. An invitation to install the app will be sent to the target phone.
  6. Install the app on the target phone and add it to your circle.

Life360 App

The app needs to be installed and active on both phones to enable you to locate a person.

White Pages

If you don’t want to install any apps and or create accounts, you can use White Pages to locate a person via their cell phone number. While you won’t be able to get their current location, you can learn their address through the “Reverse Phone” feature on the White Pages official website. To find out who called you, follow these steps.

  1. Open your phone’s browser.
  2. Go to the White Pages official site.
  3. Tap the “Reverse Phone Search” link.
  4. Enter the number you received the call from into the search bar.

White Pages Reverse Phone

You will get the phone’s approximate location, their spam/fraud potential rating, and relevant White Pages search activity for the last 30 days.


If you’ve received one or more calls from an unknown number, you might want to try Trapcall. No installation is required, and this app’s purpose is only to discover the caller’s phone number. Once you have the number, you can use any tracking app or online service to locate the unwanted caller.

Follow these steps to enable TrapCall on your phone:

  1. Sign up on the official TrapCall site.
  2. After the signup, you will receive a code.
  3. Copy the code into your phone’s dialer and press the “Call” button.
  4. The phone will dial the number and automatically hang up. TrapCall is then activated on your phone.
  5. When you receive a call from an unknown or hidden number, decline it.
  6. The phone will ring several seconds later with the unmasked caller ID.

TrapCall Code

Final Thoughts

Though it was virtually impossible until recently, tracking your family members and uncovering hidden caller IDs is a breeze these days. With the apps and services presented in this article, you’ll be able to locate a person via their cell phone number in a matter of minutes.

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