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Will There Be a Luther Season 6 on Netflix or the BBC?

If you’re a fan of gritty British drama, you will have heard of, and likely already seen, Luther. It’s a detective drama written and directed in a way only the Brits can with no punches pulled and nothing held back. It’s an amazing show and one I have watched ever since it was released many, many years ago. With series 5 out now, will there be a Luther season 6 on Netflix?

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Luther is a BBC show accessible through a number of legitimate methods. Netflix has the show, BritBox, BBC America and others also offer a selection of British programs, including those from the BBC. Netflix currently has season 1 and 2 of Luther running right now and while the BBC has just broadcast series 5, others are coming.

Luther the TV show

The main character, John Luther is played by the awesome Idris Elba. Known over here as a main actor in The Wire, Elba is a superb British actor who has portrayed a number of completely believable characters over the years. His laconic style, effortless portrayal and believable accent, (he is from London but plays American Stringer Bell in The Wire) make him a must-see. At the time of writing, Elba is a forerunner to succeed Daniel Craig as the next Bond.

John Luther is a murder detective in London who seems to be tasked with the most gruesome crimes the city can throw at him. Friends with a beautiful serial killer Alice Morgan who helps him out in a number of imaginative ways as much as she hinders him in more predictable ones, it’s a well-cast series that sees Luther chasing hitmen, murderers, kidnappers and all kinds of miscreants across London.

The seasons are short by US standards, at only four episodes long but they are intense and paced enough that you don’t feel short changed.

Luther series 1 was originally shown in 2010 yet has not aged a bit. The settings, characters, plot, script and dialog are all so well done that it could be anytime, any place and would still work. Sure you have to suspend belief a little sometimes but what TV show doesn’t ask you to do that?

Series one introduces us to Alice Morgan as well as other villains and shows us that she is a little different. Cheeky, sassy and as deadly as they come, Alice worms her way into Luther’s affections to complicate his life even more. Subsequent series follows Luther as he chases more criminals across the London underworld, contends with the death of a friend, the death of Alice and a whole lot more.

The current state of Luther

The British aren’t as showy as Americans about upcoming TV shows or whether there will be a next series or not so it is sometimes difficult to find out. With rumors that Elba may become the next James Bond, there was doubt that a series 6 may ever appear. Even though series 5 has only just aired, our appetite for the show is undiminished.

The writing in series 5 was as strong as ever and our investment in the characters, setting and Luther himself is equally strong. The criminals in this series are as fiendish and as twisted as ever too and will not disappoint. I’ll stop there in case you haven’t seen it yet.

So will there be a Luther season 6 on Netflix?

Luther season 6

Will there be a Luther season 6 on Netflix? Will the BBC even make it in the first place? I think there will be a Luther season 6. Not only is it as good as it has ever been, Elba himself has hinted that series 5 was not the end. Even if he does get Bond, it seems he will make the time to continue with the show.

In an interview with Empire magazine in January 2019 he said: ‘This season is not the end. But there are some real changes that will happen. Our ambition is it falls on the scale of Seven.’

There he refers to the movie Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. An equally twisted and dark detective drama in which the detective is as tortured as the victims. It is also a masterpiece of detective dramas so it’s good to see Luther aiming high.

When will Netflix catch up with Luther?

So it is likely that there will be a Luther season 6 but when will Netflix catch up? Currently it is only showing seasons 1 and 2 and we are now up to season 5. There is no answer to that as Netflix have not said a word about when, or even if, they are bringing more Luther to our screens.

You may have more luck with BritBox, a joint venture between the BBC and other Brit network ITV. BBC America is also showing Luther [2] so you may have better luck there!