How To Make a Photo Collage in Adobe Photoshop

Posted by Arch on June 24, 2019
How to make a photo collage in adobe photoshop

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so imagine how many words you can express with a photo collage! One of the best methods of making photo collages is using Adobe Photoshop, the best photo editing software in the world.

When making a collage, your most important task is to select and arrange the pictures so they represent one whole. But how do you get started?

This article will take you through all the necessary steps for making the perfect photo collage in Adobe Photoshop.

6 Steps for Making a Photo Collage in Adobe Photoshop

Follow these steps and you will surely succeed in making a wonderful collage using PS.

1. Select the Photos You Want to Include

You need to pick the best pictures first, striking the right balance between wide and narrow shots. The goal is to create an impression of the collage being whole, with lots of variety, and enough details to attract the viewer’s attention.

It’s also important to select the right number of photos. Too many can distract the viewer, but not enough photos can mess up the feeling of the collage. The ideal number of images is usually between five and eight.

You want to give your collage depth and also multiple perspectives of the situation.  The photos should resemble each other in terms of warmth and color, to give the collage a sense of unity.

How to make photo collage in adobe photoshop

2. Make a New File in Photoshop

Once you have selected the photos and resized them so they match your needs (use bigger resolutions for printing, lower ones for just viewing it on your screen), you need to create a new file in Photoshop.

Make sure the size of this file matches the resolution you picked previously. It is recommended to make it a little larger than you actually need it to be in the end, just so you can make adjustments.

3. Add Your Photos to This New File

The best way to add photos is to add them as smart objects. To do this, you should open their folder and then drag them to your document canvas. Photoshop Smart Objects do not suffer quality loss from resizing, rotating, and warping.

make photo collage in adobe photoshop

Note that it is best to finish editing the photos before you start using them to make a collage.

4. Make a Layout

Once you have added all the desired images, you need to lay them out. Move them around until you find the best fit. You may be a natural on the first try, but these collages usually take some time to improve.

Use the Layers Panel to create a new group – you can find the icon at the bottom of this panel. Then, you can tinker with the layout of your photos. If your photos overlap, you can also use the Layers Panel to drag a photo to the top layer.

If you want to crop a part of a photo, you can do it with the lasso tool. Once you are done with experimenting, you should merge the layers together. Do this by holding the Shift, Command, and E buttons on a Mac, or Ctrl+Shift+E on a Windows computer.

make a photo collage in adobe photoshop

5. Edit the Photo Collage

When you get a single-layered collage, you should crop the white space surrounding it. Make the collage even on all sides.

At the bottom of the Layers panel, select New Fill, then Adjustment Layer if you want to make changes to your entire collage at once. You can make changes to the color, brightness, contrast, and so on.

6. Resize Your Photo Collage

When you are finished with editing and cropping the collage, you should resize the image for sending in case you want to post it somewhere. The best format to save it in is jpeg, and the size should be around 150ppi and 1000 pixels.

There are many more optional steps you can take like adding borders to your collage, inserting text, or even adding your own watermark.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that each time you make a new photo collage in Adobe Photoshop, it will be better than the last one. Once you feel confident enough, you can share your work on social media and ask people for their opinion. Try to make collages in your own, unique style, but don’t add too many pictures and effects or it will lose meaning.

Do you agree that Photoshop is the best tool for this job? If not, which are your favorite alternatives?

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elias says:
I agree. Photoshop is the best for a paid software. But i recommend GIMP to those who are on a budget. Its open source so its free. And its as good as Photoshop for this kind of project.

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