How To Make Text Larger on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Posted by Jamie on January 4, 2019

Smartphone screens may be getting larger and clearer but they can still be difficult to see at times. That’s especially true if you have issues with eyesight. Both Android and Samsung have built in some tools to help make text larger on the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as a few other accessibility options. That’s what this tutorial is going to cover.

Accessibility has come a long way in recent years. It is now possible for people of almost every visual ability to enjoy the benefits of technology. While small and detail-oriented, phones have also become easier to use regardless of your eyesight. There is always still work to do but compared to a few years ago, it’s a different world now.

Make text larger on the Samsung Galaxy S9

You can increase text size as a whole on the Galaxy S9 in a couple of ways. They achieve the same goal, just in slightly different ways. I’ll show you both. The exact method differs slightly depending on what version of the TouchWiz UI is on your phone. The menus may be called slightly different things but the process is much the same.

To generally make text larger on the Samsung Galaxy S9, do this:

  1. Navigate to Settings and Display.
  2. Select Font and Screen Zoom.
  3. Select Font Size and adjust as you need.
  4. Select Done to save your changes.

This section includes the ability to zoom into parts of the screen if you need to make things larger or improve focus. You can even change the fonts altogether if you don’t like the ones being used.

You can also use:

  1. Navigate to Settings and Display.
  2. Select Font.
  3. Change the font and its corresponding size.
  4. Select Done to save your changes.

Both methods will show a preview of what your change will look like before you commit. You should easily be able to find a setting you like and that works for you from here.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Voice Assistant

If changing the font size on your Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t enough, there is also the voice assistant. This is separate from the Google Now digital assistant or Bixby and built into the phone. The voice assistant is a screen reader that works with most elements of the phone and can read your texts, on-screen prompts and anything you need to be able to use the phone.

To use it, navigate to Settings and Vision. From there you will see Voice Assistant. Toggle it to on, spend some time configuring it and it can help you use every part of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 high contrast display

If larger fonts or Voice Assistant aren’t doing it for you, the phone also has high contrast settings that may do the trick. You can change the fonts, icons and change the onscreen keyboard to high contrast to make it easier to use. These settings are also within the Settings menu.

  1. Navigate to Settings and Display.
  2. Select High Contrast Fonts or High Contrast Keyboard.
  3. Adjust until it works for you.
  4. Select Done to save your changes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 color changes

For those phone users that don’t need such a high contrast display, there are other ways to adjust the display on the Samsung Galaxy S9 to make it easier to use. They include full color adjustment, a color lens and a negative color filter.

Color adjustment is designed for those who are color blind but can work for anyone who has difficulty with vision or with color. Accessed from the same Display menu, you can change the color settings of your phone to a minute degree until you are completely happy.

Color lens is a similar setting but can adjust screen colors slightly differently. The negative color filter reverses screen colors. It mainly works with black text on white backgrounds and makes them white text on a black background. This can be useful for some visual impairments. These two settings are also available from the Display menu.

Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision

Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision are both welcome features on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Bixby Voice is like the screen reader above but is also part AI with a bunch of scripted responses to specific questions. It takes some learning but is well worth it if you need a little extra help learning your phone. A list of commands can be found here.

Bixby Vision uses the camera to describe what the camera sees. Point the camera at a piece of text or image and Bixby will attempt to analyze it and describe what it sees. This feature could be very useful but needs a lot more work. It sometimes analyzes correctly but not all the time. It is much better than nothing though!

Those are the ways I know of to make the Samsung Galaxy S9 easier to use if you’re visually impaired. Know of any others? Tell us about them below if you do!

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