Do Messages Count as Snaps for Snap Streak in Snapchat?

Posted by Arch on April 22, 2019
snapchat do messages count as snaps for snapstreak

Snapstreak is a Snapchat feature that is insanely popular. When you are on a Snapstreak with some of your Snapchat friends, you will see a fire emoji next to their name.

To earn this fire emoji, you have to keep interacting with this friend. This means that you need to send snaps between each other once every 24 hours for at least three days. Once you’re ‘on fire’ with somebody, you will need to maintain this interaction, or else the Snapstreak will stop.

Many Snapchat users wonder how exactly they can maintain this streak and which type of interaction counts. Can you only send messages, or do you always need to snap pictures and videos? This article will try to answer that question.

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Do Messages Count as Snaps?

Unfortunately, messages don’t count. When you chat with a person, you don’t send any snaps. So, that counts as a different interaction. If you text someone many times over a 24-hour period without sending any picture or a video, your streak will stop. Emojis and stickers also don’t count as snaps for your streak.

Snaps are all the media content that you can make with a camera button. So, the only two things that count as snaps for obtaining your Snapstreak are photos and videos.

If you want to maintain this streak with friends, you should send them at least one snap every 24 hours. Still, this is only half of the work. If you send snaps to other Snapchat users, and they don’t snap back, your streak will end. The snapping must be mutual.

The first time that you exchange snaps for three days, you’ll start a streak. A user that’s on a streak with you will get a fire emoji next to their name. That user will also see a fire emoji next to your name on their Snapchat.

What Else Doesn’t Count as Snapstreak?

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Except for messages, there are other forms of interaction that will not help you in maintaining your streak.

  1. Group Chats: Snapchat will not count any group interaction toward your streak. If you have a Snapstreak with a user and you are both members of the same group, sending a snap to that group will not affect the streak. Keep snapping directly to keep the fire lit.
  2. Memories: The app will sometimes pick a memory from its archive that you can share with a friend. Despite it being a picture, it doesn’t count as a new snap, so it will not count for your Snapstreak either.
  3. Stories: When you post a story, you make a snap. This snap doesn’t count. Your friend can look at it, but so can everyone else. If stories counted for Snapstreak, you would probably have a fire emoji next to most of your Snapchat-active friends.
  4. Spectacles: Snapchat Spectacles still exist and if you sometimes use them, you should know that they don’t count for your streak either.

Are There Different Snapstreak Icons?

The fire emoji is not the only icon you may see when you’re on a Snapstreak. The fire emoji is the first icon that will appear, signaling the beginning of the streak.

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A Number Next to Fire Emoji

snapstreak number

The number next to a fire emoji indicates how long your streak with a user is. For example, number five tells you that you have been on a streak with another user for five consecutive days. If you miss a day on your streak, the numbers will restart too.

Hourglass Icon

An hourglass icon means that your streak is coming to an end soon. The hourglass will appear when the timer counts about 20 hours since your last snap. Since you need to exchange snaps every 24 hours, this means that you have very little time to continue the streak. If you want to get rid of this icon, you should either exchange snaps or let the streak end.

The 100 Icon

snapstreak 100 days

The 100 icon appears rarely. This is because getting a 100 emoji is quite the achievement. To see a 100 icon, you need to keep a Snapstreak with another user for one hundred days in a row. If you manage to do it, you will get a 100 emoji instead of a regular number.

What If You Lose the Streak?

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If your 24-hour deadline expires, you will lose the streak for good. But sometimes an error may cause your streak to disappear.

If you think you’ve lost your Snapstreak due to an error, you can visit Snapchat Support and select ‘My Snapstreak disappeared’. Once you fill out the necessary information, Snapchat will get back to you.

Time to Start

Now that you know what counts for your streak and what you should avoid, it is time to start working towards your fire emoji. Who knows, maybe you’ll reach the 100 emoji in a few months. Happy snapping!

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