Microsoft Publishes Xbox One Game Lineup

Posted by Jim Tanous on August 19, 2013
Xbox One Game Lineup

On the eve of Gamescom, and with at least two months to go before launch, Microsoft on Monday announced the Xbox One Game Lineup for its upcoming console. Many of the games on the list have already been mentioned during previous Xbox-related events, but with the full list now in hand, gamers can learn what to expect from the next generation console.

In all, 51 titles are currently planned for the Xbox One. Microsoft also provided some interesting statistics related to the lineup:

  • 38 percent of the titles are Xbox One exclusives
  • 37 percent represent brand new franchises and intellectual property
  • 44 percent will feature built-in or DLC content exclusive to the Xbox One either entirely or for a limited time after launch

Ars Technica crunched the list further and provides additional statistics: of the current list, 21 games are set for a release this year, with the majority of the rest arriving at various points throughout 2014. Despite a strong push for Kinect integration, only 4 games on the list are known at this time to be exclusive to, or heavily controlled by, Microsoft’s voice and motion control accessory.

The complete list is available at Xbox.com, and is current as of August 19. Microsoft pledges to update the list as more titles become known, including a suggestion that new games will be unveiled at Gamescom during Tuesday’s keynote.

Sony has provided an official partial list of titles for the PS4, but various announcements from developers peg the current PS4 total at 85 games through 2015.

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