Mixer vs Twitch: Which Is The Better Of The Two?

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on January 10, 2019
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Mixer and Twitch are both video game streaming websites. Mixer, which is a rebranding of one previously known as Beam, is owned by Microsoft, while Twitch is owned by another huge organization, Amazon. Although they are both primarily for gamers, they also have a small percentage of viewers that use the platforms to stream other things, such as live design and op-ed content. As with everything in life, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

What does Mixer do Best?

Mixer has a mobile app known as Mixer Create. This allows users to broadcast mobile video games as well as live videos from their smartphone or other digital devices. Twitch also has a mobile app but it only works for video broadcasting. Mixer is particularly interactive. It has special sound effect buttons that can be pressed while watching and has direct integration with some of the most popular games, Minecraft being a prime example.

One of Mixer’s very popular features is co-streaming. This enables several streamers to broadcast gameplay from their own channels at the same time. It displays all those channels as a split screen and can be used to view whatever users decide to stream, whether that is art or tutorials. If users just want to stream a few of them having a chat, that is fine too.

Gaming streams are the most popular, often because it allows users to keep their costs to a minimum. They stream themselves playing everything from cheap, downloadable Minecraft to slots in an online casino, such as Bob Casino, where streamers can take advantage of special offers and sign-up bonuses. More popular games are usually more heavily featured, as streams about them attract the most attention. On the above linked online casino, they are usefully organized by the most popular games, making it easy for you to play online slots while streaming all the action live on Mixer.

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What does Twitch do Best?

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Twitch is available on both Xbox and PlayStation 4. Although you can get Mixer to work on the PS4, it is only native to the Xbox family of consoles. Neither of them will work on a Nintendo Switch. However, you can watch Twitch on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Twitch has a far bigger community than Mixer, but that could be just because it has been around longer. This gives users a larger choice of streamed items to watch and other gamers to play with. In fact, Twitch boasts over 2 million unique streamers every month.

Which Is Best?

For years there have been several platforms for streamers including YouTube Gaming, Hitbox and Azubu, as well as these two. Twitch has to be the leader by far in both its branding and amount of traffic. Now, however, Mixer has upped its game and is becoming a serious contender. Microsoft has carefully considered what mistakes it thinks Twitch has made and has been careful not to emulate them.

Although they both, on the face of it, offer the same type of service, when you use them they are very different. If you look at any forum discussing which is the better of the two, it seems that this is down to personal choice. Some users that have been using Twitch for a long time stick with it because it is familiar, while others have decided they should at least give Mixer a try. This has resulted in the number of viewers and players using Mixer growing at an amazing pace.

How many of those stay with Mixer and how many perhaps return to Twitch or go to one of the other streaming platforms remains to be seen.

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