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Posted by Andrew on November 20, 2018

Your mother will be touched to receive a card with one of the following sincere birthday quotes from daughter. Do you agree that a daughter is a small and young version of a mother? You can be sure that your mom dreams of seeing you a successful and happy woman. If you send your mom a birthday quote, this will bring her so much joy and happiness. Needless to say that your mother needs to feel your love, so do not be shy to prove it to her. Mothers have very strong attachment to their children and they will be extremely happy to receive even a small gift from their lovely girl.
Birthdays are a great chance for you as a daughter to open your heart and tell your mother what you feel and how strong you love to her is. And it’s in your hands to make a mother feel the most special person in the entire world. Appreciate every minute you spend with your mom and always be a daughter who cares about her mother and the rest of the family. The link between a mother and a daughter is super strong, even if they are far from each other. Usually, daughters gain the most important knowledge about this life from their moms. The way your mother lives will be your best sample, but you will do it your own way, of course. So, as we were saying, let your mom feel your love. There is no need to hide your emotions.
Well, now the question is, “How to pass your sincere congratulations to your mother on her birthday?” The following quotes will help you find matching words to express your deepest love to on of the most important women in your life. Read the following birthday quotes and pick up some interesting ideas. Be sure that your mom shares exactly the same feelings of love.

Touching Happy Birthday Mom Quotes From Daughter

Let’s say, your mom’s birthday is tomorrow? Make sure you have prepared everything that is needed to make this day unforgettable. A birthday gift? Checked. A delicious birthday cake for your lovely momma? Checked. How about a birthday speech? We are sure that the birthday quotes, presented below, will help you to come up with the best possible congratulation.

  • My sweet mom, you are the most important person in the world for me. Remember this even when I am in anger. Happy Birthday, my lovely mother!
  • My mother is the most caring and beautiful woman in the world. I wish to be like her. You gave me this life, all your sweet love and wise knowledge. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much every day. Can’t wait till we meet and hug each other very strongly. Happy Birthday, my mommy!
  • Mama, I am always here for you. I want to make your birthday very special, just as you do every day of my life. Mommy, my love, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, the sweetest mommy in the entire world! I love you.
  • Today is your birthday and you are granted the title of the best mom of the year. You are awesome and I wish you all the best due to your birthday!
  • Mom, I want you to know how much I love you. You gave me life and I will transmit this gift to my own children. You are my sample of a perfect mother. Happy Birthday!
  • God blessed me with the mother like you. You are a unique woman. I admire your love and care when it comes to our family matter. Mommy, my love is so strong you can’t even imagine. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Mom, you are the only person you always believe in me and encourage to grow. We love each other and this is the biggest gift you could give me – this life! Happy Birthday!
  • Mommy, your birthday has to be as awesome as you are. Happy Birthday! I love you!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

The best thing about moms who have a good sense of humor is that daughters can play big and choose funny Bday wishes instead of ordinary ones. Without a doubt, a birthday isn’t supposed to be some kind of formal dinner organised by the Queen of England. On the contrary, it’s supposed to be funny in a first place. And since it’s your duty as a daughter to throw the best birthday party for you mommy, take a look at the following funny birthday wishes.

  • Birthdays are a lot like candles. After a certain amount, you should stop counting them and just enjoy the glow. Happy birthday to my radiant mom!
  • Do you know what famous person was born on this very special day…  I don’t know either. I only know of you. Happy birthday mommy!
  • Remember that you are never too old to start anew. If you’d like, we can start by taking off some of these candles! Happy birthday to my youthful mom.
  • Congratulations on being the luckiest mother on earth for having such a good-looking, smart and incredible daughter.
  • For your birthday I wanted to get you a special birthday trip to the only place I know you would really want to go. Unfortunately, they sold out of tickets for the time machine. I guess you’ll have to enjoy your presents in the present. Happy Bday mom!
  • Mom, you are many things: beautiful, gracious, and fabulously epic. You are as epic as a Tolkien novel. Hopefully, your birthday will be filled with just as much food as one as well.
  • Here is a special coupon for you. Give it to dad. It reads ‘Mom’s day off! Dad gets to do all of the chores.’
  • When people Google the word mom a picture of you comes up because you are the perfect mom. Although I guess back in your day they used dictionaries. Happy birthday to my old but lovable mom!
  • Wishing you enough air to blow out all of your candles.
  • Dear Mom, it’s your big day. As a gift, I’m going to let you bake me my favorite cookies…because it makes you happy!

Beautiful Happy Birthday Mom Poems From Daughter

Do you agree that poems are the classic when it comes to congratulating a person with a birthday? Well, we do. That’s why we couldn’t pass by the most beautiful birthday poems for mothers. There’s one thing left, though. You need to buy a cute birthday card, take a pen and copy a poem which you liked most. Yeah, easy as that.

  • Mom you can
    Read me as if I were a book
    You are my best friend
    In life, and on Facebook
    You have always shared with me
    Whatever is best
    I am your loyal follower
    In real life, and on Pinterest
    Mom, I just want to say
    Happy birthday, wish a cute snuggle
    You are trending
    In my life, both virtual and real
  • Moms are special, moms are kind,
    And their love is elsewhere tough to find.
    Mom, on your birthday, I send you a gift,
    Wrapped with my love and a few tears adrift.
    Gentle birthday wishes for a lovelier you,
    From your child who loves you the most too…
  • The almighty gave to me, since the
    day I was born, a very special gift –
    A gift so peaceful and loving
    a gift full of kindness and care –
    A gift that I like to call Mother
    one that has always been there.
    Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You
  • All that you have done for me,
    Always play in front of my eyes to see.
    You showed me unconditional love
    And came into my life like an angel from up above.
    Today on your birthday
    I promise you a lot of happiness in every way.
  • When I grow up I want to be
    Exactly like my mommy
    She is kind, sweet and beautiful
    She is also loving and pretty
    Nothing can take her place
    In my life, not now or ever
    I want to be exactly that kind of person
    When I have my own daughter
    Happy birthday mom
  • No matter how hard I tried
    and no matter what I could do –
    I would never be able
    to really show you.
    That, I truly appreciate everything
    you’ve done for me and more –
    You are my hero, you are my strength
    a Mom that I Adore.
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday Mom!

Short Happy Birthday Mom From Daughter Greetings

In case you are bit nervous when it comes to proposing a toast or making long birthday speeches, we’ve got a solution. Keep your it short but relevant. And that’s exactly two words that describe the following birthday greetings, written for moms from daughters:

  • Happy Birthday Mom! Every bday memory I have includes you lighting the candles on my cake.
  • From one fun lady to another – Happy birthday, Mom!
  • I hope that for your birthday every hope, wish, and dream you have comes true today. If anyone deserves such happiness, it would be you, my loving mom.
  • Here’s to you, Super Mom! You are the strongest, bravest, most intelligent woman I know. Happy birthday, my hero!
  • You are my source of wisdom and love. I am nothing without you, Mom. Happy Birthday!
  • Ma, I want to grow up to be like you in the future. Sending you lots of love from your daughter. Happy Birthday Mom!
  • Have a super birthday, Mom! You give more than I could ever deserve.
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. There’s no one I’d rather turn to you in troubles than you. Happy birthday to the best mom in the whole world!
  • Mom, you are the most outstanding woman in my life, and you shall forever be my number one. Have a beautiful birthday.

Cute Birthday Messages For Mom From Daughters

You know what makes a perfect birthday greeting? There are three main rules: you have to be sincere, have a good sense of humor and make it personal. All of these features may be found in the next birthday messages for mom. And as a bonus, these messages are super cute.

  • Happy birthday to my adoptive mom! My life was forever changed the day we met. Before you, I didn’t know the true love and dedication a mom could have. Now, with you, I have it all. Here’s wishing you a fun day!
  • For being the sweetest mother in the world, I wish you blessings and happiness beyond your wildest imagination. I love you so much! Happy birthday, Mom
  • As the first woman in my life, no one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you forever and ever. No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be in my heart! Happy Birthday Mom!
  • Throughout the life of a person, that person will be challenged by many different fights and struggles. Life is a fight. You can always choose to fight to win, fight to lose, or fight to learn. Thank you for showing me the difference. Happy birthday, mom.
  • You may have become my mom through marriage, but you became my bestie through love. Thank you for always trying so hard to love me even though I was so resistant at first. I am so glad you persevered!
  • Happy birthday to my best friend, my mom! I do not know how I got so lucky as to be your child, but this is something I thank God for every day. Whenever I have needed you, you have always been around, teaching me the importance of faith and family. Today, we celebrate you!
  • Wishing a happy birthday to the most important and treasured woman in my life, who happens to be my sweet mother. Love you so much, Mom. May happiness forever flow freely through your life.
  • Kids are supposed to make their parents proud but I am proud to tell people that you are my mother. Happy Birthday Mom!
  • Mom just remember… The older you get, the better you get…. Unless you are a banana! Happy Birthday Wishes Mom!
  • Even throughout all our petty fights and disagreements, our love has held up. Thank you for caring for me deeply and loving me so strongly. May you have a lovely birthday this year.

Festive Birthday Card For Mom From Daughter

If you feel like there are no such words that could describe the way you feel about your mom, it’s ok. Colorful birthday cards can say a lot more than you think. And we have some great examples here.

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