Most Popular Instagram Filters

Posted by Arch on September 13, 2019
Most Popular Instagram Filters

Why do people use Instagram filters? Some use them to repair bad photos while others use them to enhance the visual properties of already stunning photos. Either way, filters can enhance or take away some of the color qualities that don’t show your photos in the best light. Some filters are situational, some are versatile, and others are simply so popular that almost everyone uses them, whether needed or not.

But, rankings are rarely objective. Therefore, the following popular Instagram filters will not be presented in any particular order. Here are the most used filters by regular users, influencers, and celebrities alike.


This filter has two very important functions. It can both darken dark areas and brighten already light areas.


In essence, it enhances the contrast or saturation, without affecting skin tones as much as other similar filters.


If you’re not interested in having the most natural-looking pics, then you might want to give the Lo-Fi filter a chance.


This filter can enhance shadows, increase saturation, make the colors more vibrant, and enhance certain visual effects.


Juno is the filter most people use when looking to increase the contrast and vibrancy of a photo. It can make cool colors appear more vivid and give the photo’s bright spots a slight glow.


It can also make warm colors stand out even more. Juno does all this by using distinctive color tinting for blue, green, red, and yellow hues.


With vintage looks being trendy as they are, the Gingham filter has found its place on most lists of top Instagram filters. This filter can give a photo a subtle vintage quality, nothing too out there.


The filter distorts natural colors, as it reduces highlights and saturation. The end result will still be less vibrant, but warm and with a slightly hazy or aged look.


Continuing with the pattern of toning down pictures, the Valencia filter is another option you can use to tone down vibrant colors.


This filter can produce warm bright photos and can highlight lighter colors. It does this by enhancing yellow hues as they are predominant in pale colors.

X-Pro II

This is one filter that can really get you some attention. If you’re going for a bit unnatural but still very satisfying look, the X-Pro II is a serious powerhouse.

x-pro II

This filter can intensify dark colors, dark areas of the photo, shadows, and pretty much enhance anything that’s vibrant to the point that it looks unreal. It’s often used on vibrant scenic shots.


This filter was designed to emphasize red hues in photos. As a result of applying the Ludwig filter, the photo’s yellow, green, blue, and other hues will be diminished.


When that happens, the photo should get a warmer note and appear slightly lighter than before. This filter is often used to create a clear separation of light and dark areas in geometric shapes. It’s no surprise that it’s popular in landscape and architectural photography.


This filter reduces the red saturation while enhancing the blues and the greens. This helps produce a brighter but still natural look.


It’s a good filter to use if you want to dim the photo down a bit and get a washed-out effect. It’s most common use is in outdoor photography.


Rise is another excellent Instagram filter that can repair bad or unflattering photos. Rise applies a gold tint which can really soften up photos and increase their brightness.


Although the photo will have a yellowish tint, it will also deemphasize shadows and blemishes.


Mayfair is not just one of the most popular but also one of the most versatile Instagram filters. It brightens the photo in the center and creates a thin border around the perimeter. As a result, the photo looks better focused.


It’s important to know that the Mayfair filter gives the best results when used on already well-lit scenes, since it doesn’t brighten an image as well as other filters.

Do You Have a Favorite?

Although some people may still prefer the “natural” filter or no filter at all, one can’t argue with the results of skillful photo manipulation. Almost all breathtaking photos around Instagram have undergone at least some minor modifications.

With that in mind, what filters and how often do you use for your Instagram posts? Do you have favorites or do you just switch between them until you find the right solution? Let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know if you prefer filter apps as opposed to the Instagram’s native selection.

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