How to Move Home Screen Icons And Widgets On Essential PH1

Posted by nik on January 12, 2018

For those that own an Essential PH1 smartphone, there comes a time when you find it necessary to change the location of widgets and icons on your Essential PH1 smartphone. Moving the widgets and icons on your home screen helps to make your Essential PH1 more customized hence giving it a personable appearance.

As we you will come to learn, there are several ways through which you can move your home screen icons and widgets on an Essential PH1 smartphone device.

Adding Widgets to your Essential PH1 Home Screen

  1. Turn on the Essential PH1
  2. Once powered on, you will have to long press on your home screen wallpaper
  3. You will now see the option to select widgets on an edit screen that comes on next
  4. Select any other widget you would like to add to your home screen
  5. Once the widget has been added to your home screen, you can customize it by tapping and holding on it

How to Move and Rearrange Icons

  1. Power on your Essential PH1 smartphone
  2. Locate the app whose icon you would like to move on your Home Screen
  3. Press and hold the app and move it to wherever you would like it to be on your home screen
  4. Release the app so as to set it on the location you would like it to be

Following this quick steps should enable you easily move up app icons and widgets on your Essential PH1 smartphone’s home screen. The same steps described above can also come in handy when adding apps from your App Drawer onto your home screen.