Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Have a Season 2 of You?

Posted by Jamie on January 8, 2019

You was initially a series on Lifetime for series one. Then came the news that the channel would not be airing a series 2. This news didn’t go down too well, as is often the case when something fantastic seems to be at an end, Sense8 anyone? Then came the news that Netflix was picking You up and will be airing season 2 on its own platform.

So yes, Netflix will have a season 2 of You. At the time of writing, the Lifestyle channel seem to be planning to air it too.

I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but some are inevitable in order to describe the series. So spoiler alerts throughout this piece.

You the TV show

The series was created from a novel by Caroline Kepnes. It follows an antihero bookstore guy called Joe who falls hard for a customer, Guinevere. She has no idea that he wants her and that he will do anything necessary to have her. That includes doing some seriously creepy stalker stuff like hack into her social media accounts, estrange her from her casual boyfriend, follow her and then save her from a subway train and all sorts of other stuff. I don’t want to go into too much detail in case you haven’t seen it.

The premise is a modern twist on the usual stalker tale but is told very well. Think a cross between Gossip Girl and Dexter, complete with voiceover and you’re close.

You can’t help but like Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley. You root for him on one level while going ‘eeew’ on the other. You even feel sorry for him when Guinevere doesn’t quite match up to the fantasy person he had created in his mind. When things get dark, his likability reduces but you still have a fondness for that early character that follows you as his obsession increases.

The similarity to Dexter is mainly in the monologue of a likeable psychokiller that gives you insight into how his mind is working at the time. Where it differs is in delivery. Dexter talks with feeling and is believable. Goldberg sounds as though he is reading a restaurant menu with no feeling or inflection whatsoever. It doesn’t ruin the story but it does detract from it.

Otherwise, You is a solid TV series with a lot of topical subjects, plenty of twists and turns and is reason enough to change all your social network passwords and turn on two-factor authentication!

Season 2 of You

Season 2 of You has been confirmed by both Netflix and Lifetime and should be with us soon. That isn’t this month soon, but soon as in once they finish filming. It is thought that we will get to see it in fall 2019, with those outside the US seeing it soon after.

The first series was based on Caroline Kepnes’ first novel, You. This series is based on her second, Hidden Bodies. It continues the creepy story and will no doubt escalate everything.

Goldberg’s interesting glass basement is likely to see a lot more action and I expect to see more creepy stalking and cyberstalking as the plot develops. I have purposely not read Hidden Bodies so the majority of the story will remain a mystery until I get to watch the series.

After the ending of series one, Beck is replaced by someone else in series two. We know that Candace (Goldberg’s ex) makes a comeback but we don’t know whether she is the new lead or whether we get to meet someone new. I suspect it will be the existing supporting cast to maintain continuity but that we might see a new object of his obsession. That’s just a guess though as the studio isn’t saying a word.

We also know that Joe moves to Hollywood to start afresh and that the story may involve further exploration of the hints about his childhood given in series one. We also might get to meet that mysterious person who groomed him when he was young. Again, this is pure speculation as we don’t know anything but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

Will there be a season 3 of You?

Even though season 2 hasn’t even been filmed yet, people are already asking if there will be a season 3. While the moving and resetting could work for a while, it will be difficult to keep telling the story without repeating or becoming a procedural like the many others out there. You is good because it’s a modern twist on an old story and tackles some very relevant issues. How long it can keep doing that I do not know.

The acting is great, the pacing and script are also great and based on solid storytelling. I am just looking forward to series 2 of You before worrying about a series 3!

What did you think of You? Like it? Hate it? Tell us your thoughts below.

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