Netflix Got Hacked and E-mail Changed – How To Get Account Back

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Go to, log out of all accounts, and change your password and e-mail.
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Netflix is one of the most popular television and movie streaming platforms in the world. Unfortunately, this makes it a tempting target for hackers who would like to enjoy movies and TV shows while letting someone else foot the bill. Sometimes hackers will just change the password but nothing else, and other times they won’t change anything at all (hoping to fly under the radar), but it’s most common for a hacker to change the e-mail address associated with the account so that they can just take the whole thing over.

Regardless of the method, there are ways to deal with their hacker attack, and in this article, I will give you the basic rundown of how to defend yourself and get your account back.

How to Tell If Your Netflix Account Got Hacked?

Hackers use a wide range of methods to get access to someone’s Netflix account.

In some cases, hackers will gain access to your account and leave your credentials alone in the hopes that they can keep using your account without you knowing. In this situation, it’s important to keep an eye out for strange viewing activity on your Netflix account.

In other cases, hackers may change your login email and password in order to completely restrict you from accessing the account. In situations like this, you’ll have to contact Netflix to regain control of your account.

Let’s take a look at how you can tell if your account has been hacked, and how you can get your account back.

Strange Account Activity

The easiest way to tell if someone has been using your account is to check the recently watched tab on Netflix. If you see a movie or TV show there that you didn’t watch recently, odds are that your account is being used by someone else. In this case, you should change your password immediately to make sure that the damage doesn’t get any worse and to prevent the hacker from using your account again.

Here is how you can make sure that suspicious activity took place on your Netflix account:

  1. Log into your Netflix account and select Account.
  2. Click Viewing activity to see all the activities that took place on your account. (The hacker can delete the recent activity, so if you are still not sure about what happened, continue to the next step.)
    viewing activity
  3. Click on Recent device streaming activity to see the locations where your account was logged in to from.
    recent activity
  4. Check if there are any unknown logins from other countries or areas.
    recent activity list
  5. If you see a login you were not aware of, it’s possible that your account got hacked. Go back to Settings and select Sign out of all devices.
    sign out

This will sign out your account from all devices, including those used by the hacker. Now that you made sure that you are the only person using the account, it’s time to change your password to ensure that the hacker doesn’t log back in.

Changing your password from mobile devices:

  1. Log into your Netflix account using any device.
  2. Select More in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to App Settings and scroll down until you find your e-mail address in the Action section.
  4. Tap it and you will be able to change your password.
  5. Enable two-step authentication for your Gmail address. That way, you will have to validate each login by clicking on a link you’ll receive in your e-mail. While this might seem like a nuisance, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Changing your password from a computer:

  1. Log into your Netflix Account.
  2. Hover over your profile icon in the top-right corner and select Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Change Password. You’ll find it on the top-right of the Account page under Membership & Billing.
  4. On the next page, enter your current password in the first field and your new password in the other two.
  5. Optionally, you can check the box next to Require all devices to sign in again with a new password. This will automatically log out all your connected devices from Netflix.

    change password

  6. Click Save to save your new password.

Now, your account should be safe as the hacker should no longer be able to log back in.

What if My Netflix Account Has Been Hacked and Email Changed?

Of course, if the person who hacked your account decides to change your login credentials, you won’t be able to kick them off through your account settings.

If this happens, you are now locked out of your Netflix account. If the hacker went the extra mile to change all of your info, including your credit card number, you will have a hard time proving that you’re the original owner of the account.

Based on what we have learned from users who had this problem, you shouldn’t expect to get your stolen account back. Netflix won’t be able to check your original information, and there is no other way you can prove that the account was yours in the first place.

The best outcome is that the stolen account gets deleted. That means that you will have to create a new one to get back to binge-watching your favorite TV shows. It’s all in the hands of the customer support team and how they handle the problem.

Keep Your Account Safe

The best way to make sure that no one else takes control of your Netflix account is to make it as secure as possible from day one. That means that you should create a password that has numbers, capital and lowercase letters, and even a few symbols. You should also set up the two-factor authentication feature that will make you verify that the account is yours every time you want to log in.

If your account gets hacked after all that, at least you’ll know that the hackers had to put in a great deal of extra work. Most of them will give up and go looking for an easier target.

Did anyone ever hack into your Netflix account? What did you do to regain control? Share your methods in the comment section below.

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30 thoughts on “Netflix Got Hacked and E-mail Changed – How To Get Account Back”

Avatar landdog49 says:
Fifth time! This is the 5th time someone has changed my email address and password in the last month. The Netflix techs act like it is something new to them. They say someone in my family, friend, roommate or whoever I know must have access and changed it. Then they say no one can change your email and password without you getting a text. But I don’t receive a text just an email it has been changed.
How to fix? Please I need help.
Avatar Kiwi says:
I reinstated my Netflix account 4 days ago, after not having used it for about 1yr. I logged in using my new Panasonic TV’s Netflix app button. I went to log in tonight and it said that my password didn’t work. I checked my Gmail, and found 6 emails from two days ago telling me that my password and phone number had been changed. I assumed that these were historical emails from when I re-subscribed, but on closer inspection, this was a breach by others. I have just finished a live text-chat session with a tech at Netflix, and managed to get through in less than a minute. The “hijacking” initially identified the log in as being someone from Ohio (US) then quickly moved to Meknès-Tafilalet in Morocco the next day. Possible VPN used.
The only advice that I was given is to ensure that my device/TV is logged out at the end of each session. Not sure how to stop people from logging into TV’s or securing TV passwords, etc.
Good luck everyone :)
Avatar Nikki says:
It’s not just the accounts they are taking over, my payment info was hacked as well. I had my debit card hooked up to my account and received a fraud alert on it this past Wednesday. I had the card deactivated and forgot it was still hooked up to my account. When the payment failed yesterday I went in and updated the info with my credit card info. Less than 6 hours later I received a fraud alert on that card as well. Netflix is the only thing those two cards had in common so I highly doubt it’s just a coincidence. Everyone needs to watch their debit and credit cards to make sure they do not have any type of fraudulent charges show up.
Avatar leela says:
Just now my netflix account was hacked and they have changed the email address. I did try to log out from all the devices but by then I was logged out of my account. Now I am unable to sign in as my email id is already been changed by the hacker. My payment method was debit card so should I cancel my card with the back. any suggetions?
Avatar Leela Thimmaiah says:
Live chat worked for me.. they restored my account and now I am able to use it again.
Avatar Andreea says:
Thank you for your replay. i ve tryed all the methods and any one works. By chats i didn t try it because i didn t find it. Can you please help me with an link? Thank you
Avatar De says:
just happend to me now. Someone that resolved via Chat can tell me if they asket your credit card number?
Avatar Rebecca says:
If you have previously used your facebook to login, try that way – then you’ll be able to see the new email they have set and use the online chat so they can resolve for you. I did the live chat at 10am when they said it would be available in the UK and they sorted it in minutes.
Avatar Victoria Mitchell says:
Yes they asked for my credit card number the whole thing I am not comfortable giving them that
Avatar Valentin says:
My Netflix account has been stolen, and the email has been changed. It seems almost impossible to get in countact with them now. I’ve just sent an email to [email protected] (it seems that email is working since I did not received an error) – lets see if they respond in any way. I blocked my VISA card meanwhile.
Avatar martymcshy says:
Fed up with netflix. Customer service doesn’t respond, email address and login hijacked, so took the safe option and simply cancelled my credit card with bank. Wont trust Netflix again, not there when i needed them.
Avatar B. says:
I’m in the exact same situation right now :( Cancelled my credit card and changing all my passwords now, can’t seem to reach Netflix at all right now.
Avatar Camille says:
Just found out my account got hacked by some schmuck in Pakistan, at 5 this morning. I’ve alerted my bank, and they’ve put a temp hold on my CC. Netflix customer service doesn’t open for another 90 minutes, so we’ll see how this goes. If all of y’all are having the same issue, that means Netflix has been comprised, but is doing nothing about it. In this day and age, they should on top of their cyber security.
Avatar JB says:
Going through that exactly right now. Netflix help is restricted to online support and chat due to “high volume of call.” Unfortunately chat not available for 4 more hours. Can no longer access my account. Have locked my credit card but frustrated that nothing can be done immediately!
Avatar Mark says:
Had the same problem with them hacking my account and changing the email address. Went onto Netflix Account Chat and informed them I was NOT a member and it was all resolved in under 10 minutes. Very helpful.
Avatar Sarah Stanley says:
Mine was pain-free as well. Lucked out with 18 minute waiting period on chat. Only thing that was changed was email address and maybe language but the chat guy changed that back and I put changed password and deleted the completely empty new profile. Maybe I caught it early (since they hadn’t added any programs) so it was easy. It made me change ALL my passwords and will be watching my banking extra often just in case.
Avatar Rob says:
I got the NJ hack email, too. Unable to use the Reset Password link in the email, and phone + email not recognized when trying to request a new Reset Password link. I had to wait a very long time in the chat queue, about 2 hours. Once I got through, it was handled pretty quickly. The account was recovered. The chat session did ask for the associated credit card to verify the account. It all seems to have worked out legit. My queues and profiles were intact.
Avatar Park says:
Mine got hacked! I received an email three hours ago saying there was a log in from NJ. My email was changed. Could not get ahold of Netflix customer service with 3 hr online assistance time. I called my bank and they immediately filed dispute, cancelled last charge, changed card number. I did try the password reset link from my Netflix log-in email, and I did reset the password — but no card on file or any history. SO acct was hijacked.

Curious to see if other people got email with sign-in from unusual device located in NJ!

Avatar Brian says:
Unauthorized NJ-login. last night. Now my account is gone.
Avatar Daniel Bombard says:
Now Netflix for the past couple days does not take calls nor does the live chat work. Their message is an abnormal amount of call and live chat volume. My email address has been changed and Netflix is completely unresponsive. NOT IMPRESSED!
Avatar Wendy says:
Mine also!
Avatar Erika says:
Same here!
Avatar Jo says:
My netflix hacked 20th March and my email changed, no answer from netflix on the phone, long wait times, i paid via paypal so have raised a dispute with them to ask them to prevent future payments.
Avatar Lisa says:
My account was hacked on March 15 and unable to get any assistance from Netflix. They do not answer phones and there is NO live chat.
Avatar Dwb says:
Hate to mention it but if you can speak French, they are answering the phone. They will not switch to English. You will have to communicate in French. Good luck. Thanks Netflix, I got my account back from the asshole that locked me out.
Avatar Geo says:
I got hacked as well and they changed the email etc. So noway back in. I guess the credit card company will have to cancel for me since they aren’t answering. Perhaps the FTC should be involved since there is no way to contact them
Avatar Wendy says:
I got hacked as well, I can’t get a hold of anybody and I’m working on blocking any future charges from Netflix to my credit card on file. Looks like we might all be taking part in a class-action lawsuit. This is ridiculous!
Avatar Jennifer Rose says:
I’m in the same situation Netflix won’t answer their phone now my Netflix account is in Spanish and I can’t even use it WTF nice customer service
Avatar April Edwards says:
On hold yesterday got 3.5 hours. Called early this am. New message. Basically it says, Netflix knows there’s a problem, we’re working on it, can’t talk right now, then they hang up. Great. Thanks Netflix.
Avatar Shanp says:
Same happened to me today and cant reach them :(
Avatar sadira says:
account hacked from georgia, us no live chat, no phone available..
and the email adress is changed so i cant get my account back..
Avatar Cassandra Price says:
Just got hacked today. A location in Canada. Netflix notified me 3 hrs later. Got cleared out. Been in phone for over 57min now. Not giving up. They have our card info now and that is not something I’ll allow.
Avatar Denise says:
our account also got hacked. received an email from netflix. they changed email and password. sat on help line for almost 2 hours and never got through. now it says they have been uninitiated with calls and are not taking calls at this time. now what???
Avatar Rosalie says:
Just got hacked today… Tried to call Netflix, but their lines are too occupied so they don’t take calls anymore…

DURING THE QUARANTINE… WTF, this is cruel, what am I gonna do…

Avatar Laura says:
Same here
Avatar Derick A Ball says:
same here too!
Avatar Ade says:
Our account has just been taken over, scumbags. We got an email from Netflix saying someone had accessed our account in Texas USA. I just tried to log in to change the password and our email is no longer associated with an account so the vermin has changed the email address as well thinking that they will get a free service with full control. I’ve been waiting on webchat for 20 minutes even though it says we have a wit time of 1 minute… Now in a queue trying to get through. This sort of crime is so frustrating because you can’t get your hands on the thieving little rats. I’d tear their ears off and feed them to them!
Avatar ROBERT H Farber says:
Experiencing the exact same thing today. Waiting on hold as well. Same location exactly both email account and password.
Avatar asad says:
how you handle with netflix
Avatar Rob says:
Mine was just hacked today. I was using a simple password so it would be easy for my mom to log in. Thankfully, due to that, it was a password I don’t use for anything else. They changed the email address so I couldn’t log in to fix it, but it was a quick painless experience to recover it when I called Netflix.
Avatar N says:
I had the same problem as Rob. Had to call Netflix, who by the way were very helpful in recovering the account so long you have the 8 last digits of your credit card. I decided however to close the account completely and set it up from a different account. This time with a stronger password and the phone and secondary email authentication.
Avatar David Williams says:
How did you call them ? what number did you use ?
Avatar Dayna Leake says:
So if you pay with a gift card like I do every 3 months, basically I just have to make a new account. That’s ok, so they get a month out of it. I’m just upset because it was literally 15 seconds between the remote access advisory and the Second email saying my account email was changed. No chance at all to report the unauthorized usage. Even an hour wait to confirm an email change would not be an issue for a genuine user. Also the live chat said one minute wait time, I waited for 35 minutes and nothing. Now it’s not even working.
You can’t log in to report because your emails been changed. If i could access your customer service I’m sure they would be great but right now after 5 years subscription I don’t exist. Not happy.
Avatar Deniz Calis says:
Today I have received an email saying that my email connected to my Netflix account is changed. I contacted Netflix immediately. Got both my account cancelled, as well as my credit card. Has been a very old customer. Yet I am devastated about this security breach.
Avatar Stef Van Ef says:
Same here – sb from Amman, Jordan got access to my account and changed the email, so I can’t access anymore. I’m based in Spain and I’m not getting through to Netflix either. I cancelled by credit card. The payment went through only a week ago, so sb in Amman will be able to binge for another 3 weeks on my account.
Avatar Tess says:
I was hacked recently as well. They changed the email and even took down my phone number that I had on my account, on top of changing the password. My account was logged in on my phone, I wouldn’t have found out I was being hacked at all, had I not viewed my account settings. To sum everything up, I cancelled my account and won’t be making another. Glad I have Hulu!
Avatar Lucy says:
I was recently hacked where my email was changed however because I check my email regularly, I get alerts notifying me of any changes and I quickly called Netflix within a couple hours and was able to get my account back. They asked me a few security questions. Boom. Done!
Avatar Mpumi says:
Hi Tess

how did you manage to cancel that account, because my netflix account was hacked last year and payments keep going off i have been trying to cancel but with no success.

Avatar Marsatia says:
My account was hacked and could not be fixed. Some loser in Mongolia. I cancelled my Netflix account. Today. Sorry loser, you’re not getting any free binging. Go to work and pay bills like I do! With the $ they’re losing and stock prices dropping do they really think Security is something they can not care about? Not resigning up.
Avatar Shaz says:
All of you are obviously in the US – the numbers don’t work internationally and the chat doesn’t work. Any other ideas?
Avatar Jenny says:
Was hacked within the last 24 hours. Got an email from Netflix that there may be a problem – problem was, their email looked phish-is and I figured it was spam. They were correct and the email was legit. I got locked out and when I tried to retrieve my password, my email address was not found. Thus, the hacker got into my account and changed the email address to theirs. Called Netflix and it was fixed in about 4 minutes after they confirmed the last 8 digits of my credit card number that’s associated with the account.
Avatar Filsyn Santos Sempio says:
My email and password has been changed with out knowing for the past 10 days.. when i open my email netflix sent me a message that it was made dec 16 from Jakarta. During the date and time… i was on my flight to LA so i had no may to check it immediately. Gladly i used prepaid card. And i stopped the subscription. But i want to know if incase i will logged out all devices will they still have access to my account??? Enlighten me. Thanks
Avatar Brian says:
I had my account hacked and the email changed on Dec. 27. Luckily, Netflix was wonderful. I called their customer service, and the agent helped me reset my account. I had to give them the last 8 digits of the CC number on file (which left me a little awkward), but it was an easy process. I had my account up and running within 10 minutes.
Avatar Consuelo says:
My account has been hacked with the full change of password, but I contacted the chat support and they restored very quickly and super efficiently. I had to provide my CC 8numbers on a secure window, which gave me a bit of creeps, but now I am back inside again. They also recommended to change the login email, not just the password. Must say, I am pleased by the service, even more considering that it is boxing day and I was not expecting many people to be at work.
Avatar david says:
My account was hacked password changed and account upgraded to the super premium service. I called Netflix because I had being charged monthly for at least 6 months. They said I had to call my credit card company for a refund past 30 days. Unfortunately – this was the second time this year my account was taken over.
Avatar Nicholas says:
My Netflix account both got hacked and they changed the email and password. I just noticed and ended paying for a Netflix subscription I did not want but at least they did not take money out for anything else. I changed my debit card number with my bank and disputed the Netflix charges. I hope I can get my money back for three months of top price netflix charges.
Avatar tintin says:
My account got hacked on the 30th November and I just found out today (2 days later). Like the others who commented before me, all you need to do is go to and click on the ‘Start Live Chat’ button (or you can just call them). Tell them your original email address, and they will ask for the payment details to confirm the account is yours. It’s a quick process so act quickly to recover your account as soon as you find out it had been stolen. Good luck and take care!
Avatar murat unel says:
I got a mail saying:
“We’ve noticed a new sign-in with your Netflix account”
then a message saying
“We’ve changed your password, as you asked.”
then a message saying
“We’ve changed your account email address, as you asked. You will no longer be able to use [email protected] to sign in to Netflix; please use your new email address.”

It was all done when I read all these messages…
I blocked my credit card.

Seems there is a BIG SECURITY PROBLEM in Netflix.
Someone who changed my email to his email is responsible for this action, someone should find him and punish him. Tracking this guy should not be so difficult.

I will contact Netflix but as far as the above article, it seems that it will be hard to get my account back.

I will delete my Netflix account and I will not resubscribe again.

Avatar Robyn says:
I had my account hacked on the 1/11/2019. NETFLIX sent emails saying someone in Venezuela had accessed the account, then in quick succession they changed the email and password. I didn’t realise until 12/11 because I hadn’t used NETFLIX on any of my devices until I tried to use my TV app.

I panicked a bit thinking they’ve had 12 days to rifle through my information. Anyway I rang NETFLIX to try and recover. It took 10 minutes and access to PAYPAL for the billing ID. I was so thankful I didn’t pay by credit card since data breaches seem to be common for Netflix. I’d recommend only pay be prepaid card or PAYPAL only.

So the people changed the profiles so had to change them back. NETFLIX also logged me out of all devices.

They’ve obviously had a few of these situations so it was easy to switch it back.
I do think they need to up their security to prevent so many data breaches.

Avatar Lalit says:
My account hacked just now, did anyone found a way to restore it ? they have changed the mail id and password.
Avatar Anon says:
Just call tech support and have the debit/credit card you pay for the subscription with. They’ll fix your account within 10 minutes.
Avatar Janis says:
My account in Argentina was hacked by someone in Turkey who changed the password. I put a stop payment on the automatic debit, but it won’t happen until next month’s charge. The warning email from Netflix about someone using my account in Turkey was a red flag that it was hacked.

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