Will Netflix Pick up Money Heist Season 4?

Posted by Arch on August 9, 2019
will netflix pick up money heist season 4

It seems as if the series premiere of Money Heist was just yesterday, but the fact of the matter is that three seasons have gone by in a flash. Fans are anxiously waiting to see if season 4 is going to happen and if so, when. Here’s what we know so far about Money Heist season 4.

The Official Word

That would be a resounding Yes! Netflix has confirmed that Money Heist will be returning for the fourth season. In fact, series creator Alex Pina signed an exclusive deal with Netflix last year, so you can expect to see his name a lot in the years to come. Pina confirmed that they’re in the midst of filming season 4 at a press conference for the recently released season 3.

Whenever a subsequent season is quickly confirmed, it is always a good sign, as is the case with Money Heist. Season 3 came out on Netflix on July 19 and it only took a couple of days for season 4 to be confirmed. However, as it’s customary these days, season 4 probably won’t come out until 2020.

The Official Word

What to Expect?

Money Heist Part 3 was definitely a wild ride. The centerpiece of season 3 was the crew getting back together for the heist of a lifetime that’s even bigger than the first one. However, it turns out that this is all a ruse to cover up the rescue of one of the group’s captured members. Flashforward to episode 8 and it’s an all-out war!

For one, the Professor thinks that Raquel is dead. He initiates DEFCON 2, which culminates in an RPG hitting a tank and the group rushing to storm the Bank of Spain. Nairobi’s life is in danger after getting shot and the Professor isn’t having any luck negotiating with the cops. All in all, things seem pretty bleak for the gang. But is Nairobi done for? There was no sign of her in a recent recap, so fans are getting restless. Escape or demise? You’ll just have to wait for Part 4.

When Can We Expect It to Be Out on Netflix?

So, now that we are absolutely certain that there’s going to be a season 4, all that’s left is for the fans to wait anxiously until it hits the screen. Although it is widely speculated that Money Heist Part 4 won’t come out until 2020, the next season is being shot, which does bring a glimmer of hope to the table – we might even see it towards the end of 2019. But two seasons in one year? That is pretty much impossible. Right?

Not if you consider that both Part 1 and Part 2 were released in the same year, so it’s not entirely out of question. But given the fact that Alex Pina has moved onto other projects, it might not be that likely.

Final Season?

At the very least, the current heist will likely wrap up in season 4. According to the series creator, seasons 1 and 2 concluded the heist. However, fans are waiting with bated breath to see the now-affluent protagonists reuniting for pull off another one, in the vein of a plot twist, if you will. Beyond season 4, it is questionable whether continuing the storyline would make sense.

On the other hand, we’ve all seen what happened to Narcos. Yes, the story of the original series came to a close, but this didn’t prevent Netflix from turning it into an anthology. And Money Heist is definitely anthology material.

Final Season

What Do You Think?

Are you dying to see the series returning for another season after part 4? Do you think that would be too much? It’s probably too early to tell, so we’ll just have to sit back and let it play out.

Feel free to hit the comment section with your thoughts and opinions… about Money Heist or anything at all.

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