Will Netflix Save Shadowhunters?

What would you do to save your favorite show from cancelation? You probably don’t even like thinking about it. It’s safe for now, with one or two additional seasons already ordered. But even the most resilient shows end eventually. For Shadowhunters and the passionate group of demon slayers journey was short – only three seasons.

But that was more than enough time for the show to garner an impressively passionate following. These enthusiastic and mostly very young people are fighting tooth and nail to save their beloved Shadowhunters. Will the mighty Netflix be their champion?

Netflix Said No

Everyone hoping that Shadowhunters will get another season knows what extraordinary effort the show fans have put in to save the show. But the fact is that Netflix will not even consider continuing it. The decision to end their contract with FreeForm is what led to the series end in the first place.

Granted, this wasn’t the only reason, but the show creators revealed that the show was in economic trouble. They were hoping that Netflix, as their international distributor, might swoop in and help. That hasn’t happened thus far. And the Shadowhunters ended in May 2019 with the last episode appropriately named “All Good Things…”


Shadowhunters Fanbase

It is a massive bummer when the TV show you got into suddenly ends. For some, this is more than an inconvenience; it’s an emotional blow. A show like Shadowhunters has an army of adoring young fans. And these fans took things into their own hands when the sad news about the show’s discontinuation broke.

The #SaveShadowhunters quickly trended on Twitter and other social media platforms. And in no time, there were about 10 million posts with the said hashtag. Various news outlets quickly picked up on the very public and expectedly dramatic outcry. The hashtag campaign appeared on a Times Square billboard in NYC, and even in Seoul, South Korea.

It wasn’t a secret that all that pleading and trending was mostly directed at Netflix. Though, the loyal fans would have taken the fourth season of Shadowhunters from any streaming service or network. That is why it seems fitting that as the final attempt, the fans rented a plane, slapped the hashtag on it, and flew over Netflix headquarters.

Why Do People Love It so Much?

Shadowhunters wasn’t the first show that sparked such passionate protest upon cancelation. It probably won’t be the last one, either. But what makes Shadowhunters worthy of the rescue according to its most faithful viewership?

Apart from paranormal movies and series being top-rated in recent years, Shadowhunters covered a lot of topics relevant to younger viewers. The LGBTQ issues and themes are of utmost importance to teenagers and young adults. Self-acceptance and acceptance of people of other sexes, genders, and sexual orientations are also among prominent issues.

How Netflix Works

Here’s the thing, Netflix canceled a lot of their original series after one or two seasons, even when they had high IMDB ratings, and people loved them. How does that possibly make sense? Well, Netflix has its way of doing things. A show with great reviews might sometimes have low viewership, or the production ends up costing more than expected.

Netflix and other streaming services might be more open and freer in creating original content. But in the end, it’s all about the profit for them as much as it is for a Hollywood studio. It’s easy to romanticize their attitude due to the way they market themselves. Still, if Netflix finds a way to keep Shadowhunters’ fans and make money, they could reconsider their decision.


Is There Something You Can Do?

For the ones not giving up on season four of Shadowhunters, the future doesn’t promise anything. But if you firmly believe that Netflix should revive the series, the only thing one can do is try. The flying hashtag didn’t work, but a formal request might.

Netflix has a page that encourages viewers to submit the titles they don’t see on Netflix and would like to. If enough people ask, who knows what might happen. Just go to Netflix and submit your suggestions.

Also, since the people sorely miss the characters, one can hope for a Shadowhunters spin-off. Moving the most prominent ones to other similar universes can happen as well. In the meantime, re-watching the three exciting seasons of Shadowhunters can help when coming to terms with facts.

Netflix Save Shadowhunters

Netflix Is Business

The world of TV shows and movies is a fantastic place. But it can also develop a tendency for magical thinking. In a hypothetical Netflix original series, there might be a streaming service guided by the love and hashtags instead of economics.

In reality, it all comes down to the numbers. If Netflix deems Shadowhunters profitable, they might change their mind. Until then, have fun streaming the first three seasons.

Let us know what you think about Netflix and Shadowhunters in the comments section below.

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