New Images Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air Surface

Posted by RecomHub on January 7, 2015

More details about the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air are showing up on the Internet, as 9to5mac have specifics about the computers dimensions, edge-to-edge keyboard, and lack of traditional ports.
Some rumors suggest that the 12-inch MacBook Air is already in production, while others leave the timeline open to somewhere in 2015. It’s possible that this new MacBook will launch alongside the Apple Watch, or its introduction may be pushed back to WWDC.
Although the device’s screen size is larger and of a higher pixel density than that of the 11-inch MacBook Air, its dimensions are narrower than its smaller counterpart by approximately a one-fourth inch. It is, however, slightly taller due to the larger screen size, with an approximate one-fourth inch increase in height.
There also seem to be some change with the future MacBook Air Retina trackpad with its width being close to that of the 11-inch MacBook Air, but slightly taller. Also, the trackpad no longer clicks upon a physical press and will most likely just be touch.
The overall body maintains the tapered design of existing Air models, with varying amounts of thickness from front to back, but the 12-inch version is considerably thinner than the existing 11-inch Air. Just below the screen and above the keyboard are four new speaker grilles that work not only as speakers but also as ventilation ports for releasing heat in order to achieve a lower temperature, as the device lacks traditional computer fans.
Reports suggest that Apple employees refer to the new MacBook as the “MacBook Stealth”. The USB Type-C connector may actually be used to replace Thunderbolt and MagSafe, as it contains the video and power throughput abilities needed to render these technologies obsolete. Although specifics may change before launch, the device appears to have as few as two external ports on its sides, including the headphone jack and USB Type-C connector, along with input and noise-canceling microphones.
Source: [ 9to5mac ]

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