No Matches on Hinge – What To Do

Have you tried Hinge the dating app? Using it without success? Thinking of leaving and trying another app? If you’re getting no matches on Hinge, its probably not about you at all but more about how you have put your profile together. This tutorial is going to help you do something about that.

Hinge decided to take on Tinder’s domination of the dating app game by trying something different and concentrating on relationships rather than hookups. While it tries to do some things differently, a lot is also the same. It’s still about appearance and those profile pics, still about what you say in the limited number of words in your profile and still about making as much effort as you can to come across as appealing in within a small space.

Turning your Hinge experience around

Online dating is a marketing exercise where you are the product. Your Hinge profile is your sales page, your pics the product pics and your profile, the product description. It may sound cynical but it is exactly the same. You need to make those images sing and complement them with a well written profile that calls the reader to action, matching with you.

If you’re getting no matches on Hinge, it is far more likely to be because your profile is not performing rather than anything about you. We can definitely do something about that.

Phone a friend

The first useful exercise to turn things around is to ask for a second opinion of your Hinge profile. If you know someone you can trust of the same gender or group you’re trying to attract, ask them to look at your profile and tell you honestly what they think. You may not like what you hear but an honest appraisal from the demographic you’re targeting is invaluable.

You can use their feedback to tune your profile for success. Write it down or remember it but make sure you know where the shortcomings are and think about how you can work on them.

While you have your friend’s attention. Ask them what they think your USP is. What makes you different? What makes you special? What we think is special about ourselves and what others think can often be very different. We can use this in your profile later.

Take new profile pics

Even though Hinge tries not to be as superficial as Tinder, it still is. All dating apps are, it’s the nature of the game. That means your profile pics are going to have to be awesome. Selfies just don’t cut it so you’re going to have to get creative. Buy a phone tripod and use a timer, ask a friend or have a professional take them. Whatever you do, have a bunch of new, high quality profile images taken.

Make sure your main pic is of you alone, head and shoulders, eye contact, smiling or looking happy and is in a setting that you’re comfortable in. Supplementary images can be of you with friends, doing a hobby, with your cat or dog, a full length shot to show your fashion sense, vacation or adventure shots or of you doing something heroic. Make sure the images show you at your best, reflect the real you and show someone that it would be cool to hang out with.

Add these either to your Facebook account and have Hinge pick them up or add them directly to Hinge.

Write your new profile

You begin your Hinge turnaround by answering all those initial questions while leaving some as ‘Prefer not to say’. Enter your real age, height and details like that but I would suggest leaving drugs, politics, family plans and religious views as ‘Prefer not to say’. You can fill them in if you want but the majority potential dates don’t yet want to know any of those.

Then pick your three questions to answer. I suggest picking one for the date, one for intelligence and one for humor. For example answer ‘I’ll pick the first part of the date, you pick the second’ for the date, ‘The key to my heart is’ for humor and ‘Dream dinner guest’ with intelligent selections for intelligence. These are great icebreakers and cover the three main aspects of attraction on dating apps.

Choose your tags carefully. Hinge lets you select some tags that describe you in single terms and they are great if you choose the right ones. When selecting, think about how someone might view ‘bookworm’ or ‘beach bum’ rather than how you view them. If they work and accurately describe you, use them.

As long as you tell the truth, be positive, upbeat and accurately reflect your personality, your Hinge turnaround should now be complete. Ask your friend to check out your new profile and offer any further advice. Tweak it to reflect it and you’re good to go!

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