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The Best Music Apps For Listening Without Wi-Fi [September 2019]

While music in the 2000s was largely kept offline and based around local playback on your iPod or MP3 player, you’ve likely moved away from local libraries to discover the world of streaming music. Always available, always ready to be listened to—unless you end up offline, which might happen more than you realize. Anyone who’s always on the move will often discover that they need some form of music offline in order to keep themselves occupied when they aren’t in an area with internet. Whether you’re looking to preserve your capped data, you’re in a congested data area that makes your data slow to a crawl, or you’re on the subway or in a dead zone and can’t access your extensive library of music, you’ll need something with some offline capabilities that allow you to listen to music offline.

Local playback remains an option, but for any of us who are looking to listen to music in offline mode, you should check out the offline abilities of our favorite applications. If you haven’t committed to paying for a streaming app yet—maybe you’re looking for the best option, or you’re still using the free tier of Spotify—it’s good to know what offline options are out there in the wild world of music streaming. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of streaming music apps that have offline options, so that the next time you hit a dead-zone, you can keep jamming to your favorite songs.