Not Getting Texts On Essential PH1 (Solved)

Today, we’ll show you how to solve the problem of not able to receive text messages. Users of the Essential PH1 have reported experiencing the problem on their smartphones, where they are not able to receive SMS from iPhone users, and others cannot simply receive any messages at all. Addressing these two different cases can be done in two separate methods. Below, we will show you how to do so.

One reason for not receiving messages on Essential PH1 has to do with software compatibility. The interaction between iOS and Android or other operating systems like Windows or Blackberry can be very complicated. Oftentimes this has to do with the way that iMessage handles messaging. These conflicts can cause problems with text messages being sent or delivered.

The most common cause of this compatibility issue stems from the SIM card. Most of the time moving a SIM card from an iPhone to a new device without taking precautions will result in messaging problems. If you find yourself in this situation and neglected to deactivate iMessage before moving your SIM card, continue reading for help in fixing your messaging problems.

Essential PH1 Can’t Receive Messages Quick Fix

  1. Remove your SIM card (the one that has been previously used on an iPhone) and insert it back into an iPhone
  2. Establish a connection to the internet through LTE, 3G or WiFi on your phone
  3. Access your phone’s Settings, then proceed to Messages and then disable iMessage.

If you no longer have access to the original iPhone, you can’t turn iMessage off using the method above. Another option you have to disable iMessage would be through the Deregister iMessage page. Once here, follow the procedure below.

  1. Once on Deregister iMessage page, scan to the bottom of the screen
  2. Find the option “No longer have your iPhone?” and select it
  3. Enter your phone number on the field provided, then select your designated region
  4. Tap on “Send code”
  5. Enter the code on the “Enter confirmation code” field then Submit to confirmation code” and then click on submit.

Once done, you have now successfully deregistered your SIM card from iMessage. You’ll now be able to receive iMessage texts on your Essential PH1.

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