How to add note, file manager and browser tabs to the Windows 10 desktop

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Tabs aren’t something incorporated into Windows 10, but they would be handy addition to the desktop. So iWonder Designs has developed Stick that adds a few tabs to the desktop in Windows. With the software you can select a note, file manager and browser tab on the desktop.

Open this page and click the Download Stick 2.8 button there to save it setup. Click the setup wizard to add this software to the desktop/laptop. The run Stick to open the window shown below.

desktop tabs

You can select to add two types of tabs to the desktop, and one of those is Notes. Select Notes from the drop-down menu and then enter a title for it. Press the Create a New Tab and Done buttons to add the tab to top of desktop as below.

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Move the cursor over the Notes tab to open the notepad in the screenshot directly below. The tab effectively opens a small text editor window with which you can take notes. It has a few formatting options on its toolbar, and you can print notes with the Print button.

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Open the Getting Started With Stick window. Then select Navigator from the drop-down menu. Enter a title for the tile, press Create A New Tab and then click Done to add the tab to desktop. Click the new Navigator tab you added to desktop to open its window.

The navigator is a file manager and browser wrapped into one. You can browse the Web by entering URLs in the Address bar. It also includes back, forward and page refresh buttons on its toolbar.

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Furthermore, it’s also a folder manager as you can enter folder paths in the Address bar to open directories as shown below. Then you can open software and documents directly from that tab. Click the folder button on the tab’s toolbar to open a Browse for Folder window.

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You could add multiple tab shortcuts for folders and software to the desktop with the file manager navigator. You can right-click a tab on desktop and select Tab Manager to open the window below. Select Add Tab > Navigator there to add multiple navigator tabs to desktop. The window also includes tab customization options.

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To save a folder or website in navigator so that it always opens in the tab when your restart the software, right-click the tab and select Explorer Properties. Then you can enter the folder path in the URL/Folder text box.

You can drag tabs along the top of the desktop with cursor. To move them to the left, right or bottom of desktop right-click the tabs to open their context menus. Then you can select pin to right, left or bottom options to move the tabs.

These tabs are a handy addition to the desktop. You could add lots of navigator tabs to the desktop with shortcuts to folders and software. The note tab can also be a handy Notepad alternative. In addition, you can also add tabs to File Explorer as covered in this post.

Posted by Matthew on June 14, 2016

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