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Posted by Andrew on November 22, 2017

According to statistics, about 40 million Americans use online dating websites and the age of these users range from young to old. So, more and more people use online dating platforms, which tend to be highly effective.
Thus, the dating site isn’t only the place where you can chat, have fun and meet new people. It is also the platform, which allows you to find the man or woman of your dreams without leaving your home and establish a deep connection with him or her without exhausting non-stop dates, disappointments, and unpleasant experiences. The online dating is beneficial as it improves your conversation skills. Have you ever had the conversation with a stranger for more than one hour? You open new facets of another person, which is intriguing.

Subscription price for 3 monthsBasic: Free
A-list $14.95/month
A-List Premium $29.90/month
Basic: Free
Premium $12.90/month.
Subscription price for 6 monthsBasic: Free
A-list $9.95/month
A-list Premium $24.90/month
Basic: Free
Premium $8.50/month.
Browse before joining++
Compatibility test++
Personality test+
Match based on profiles++
Profile checklist++
Open-ended questions++
Activity Status+
Who’s viewedPaid version+
Search by profile criteria++
Search by photos++
Keyword searchPaid version
Relationship search options++
Photo rating system+
Match ratings++
Instant messages++
Organizes live meetings+
Mobile app++
Privacy settings++
Large user base+
Live chat+
Creative questionnaire+

Besides, it’s easier to get started and decide to change your life when you have to complete several steps to start searching for the potential match. Also, online dating works at your own pace – you choose what is better for you, you can be picky whenever you want to and you decide when you are ready to meet face-to-face. Eventually, the search for the second half becomes less stressful and more pleasant.
On top of that, on dating sites, you will find the best matches as the search is based on your combinability. Thus, you have increased chances to find your loved one. And the last but not the least, you have an opportunity to meet people outside your social circle. You can meet more creative, interesting people, and establish a connection with them instead of communicating with the friends of your relatives.
Therefore, online dating offers invaluable benefits. So, if you are looking for a platform for dating, online websites are what you need. OkCupid.com and POF.com are the most popular and interacting services in this niche.
Here is the detailed comparison of these two platforms.

1. General Information – Plenty of Fish vs OkCupid

Both of these platforms are popular and both feature mobile apps.
Plenty of Fish (POF) is the biggest free dating service worldwide (over 32 million users), that has been operating since 2003. It’s been created by Markus Frind, who wanted to provide the singles with everything they needed in order to find the match. But in late 2015 it has been purchased by IAC. The website isn’t positioned as the website for people with serious intentions only.
The OkCupid is owned by the media and internet company InterActiveCorp (IAC). It is the website for young people, who look for different types of the relationship. However, there are many freaks and scammers there.

2. Availability – Plenty of Fish or OkCupid

POF.com is available in more than ten countries and in five languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish).
As for OkCupid.com, it is available in many countries worldwide (Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South Africa). And it is available in many languages.

3. Features – OkCupid vs POF 1:1

The POF is beneficial for users as it offers an instant messaging tool for the users, compatibility quizzes, testimonials, and a “send gifts” option, which help you to optimize the search of the loved one. The pride of the website is the Chemistry Predictor, an insightful test which helps you to identify your personality type. Besides, there is the photo rating system “hot or not”. It is called Meet Me! and it features searches for compatible matches in your geographic area. On top of that, there are highly-attended forums and Goldfish Credits, which can be used to purchase POF gifts.
As for the OkCupid, it offers you many functions, but first, you have to complete some quizzes and tests. The instant messaging is also available. You may search profiles by different parameters. This feature is the same on the POF. You are welcome to look through the list of people, who visited your profile and see their activity status. Also, you can search for the keywords in the profile or activity status. Besides, you may add up to ten photos and connect the profile to Instagram. This site is free, but it has the subscription plan, which offers to boost your profile and turn on the invisible mode.
Bottom Line:
Both websites are interactive, yet the POF has fewer functions compared to the OkCupid.

4. Sign-Up Process – OkCupid vs POF 2:1

The signing up process is pretty simple. To sign in on the OkCupid, you should provide the basic information about yourself: the birth date, the location, your email, gender, and orientation, etc. After the initial phase, you may start using the service. However, you are welcome to upload the photo and edit personal details (ethnicity, body type, height, education, children, lifestyle, etc.
A zest of the further process is a creative questionnaire, which helps you to determine your personality type and select the most appropriate matches. Then, you may browse through the profiles, which interest you and “like” them. The idea is that when you answer the match questions, you create your own matching system.
As for the POF, it offers a more complicated sign-in process. When you create a profile, you should state your birth date, gender, ethnicity, country. After this, you should disclose more information about yourself and your goals. Your location information, physical information, gender seeking. Besides, you should give information about your marital status, kids if any, habits, religion, interests, profession, personal description and the longest relationship you’ve ever had.
Then, you can add pictures to the profile and download them from Instagram or Facebook. Then you should answer 73 questions about your personality (Relationship chemistry predictor, which features five broad dimensions of the personality). Then, you come to the relationship needs assessment (questions about what you need to make the relationship successful). Besides, the Seduction style guide is also worth attention. You answer the questions and then create a “How-to” guide (e.g. how to date me, seduce me). Then, your profile and photos will be reviewed by the moderator and later you can start using the site.
The difference between them is that when signing in is that on OkCupid, you may select your gender and the gender of the potential match: the man, the woman or both. But the POF is more conservative. You may select your gender: male or female and the gender of the person you are seeking for: only either male or female. It is limiting for gender-queer and bisexual people. On top of that, the POF is stricter as for the profile editing. Thus, the profiles, which have a sexual language of any kind would be deleted.
Bottom Line:
Thus, the OkCupid offers the easier sign-in process and this site is more loyal to the sexual orientation.

5. Pricing – OkCupid vs Plenty of Fish 2:2

POF and OkCupid are free to use, including sending and receiving messages. Besides, the POF also allows seeing who viewed your profile for free. Whereas OkCupid.com provides this option in the paid version.
Despite the fact that POF is technically free, it offers premium upgrade options. For instance, you may unlock the member’s extended profile, show up first on Meet Me!, check whether the person has read or deleted your emails. Besides, there is the ability to add profile themes, update the username, send three virtual gifts via email per day, receive credits for placing gifts, upload 16 photos to the profile, see when the member was last online. The pricing is as follows:

  • For 3-month subscription, you’ll pay $12.90/month.
  • For 6-month subscription, you’ll pay $8.50/month.
  • For 12-month subscription, you’ll pay $6.78/month.

As for OkCupid.com, the free version is rather functional as it allows you to view profiles, send messages, add photos. But it is not the complete package of options. Thus, A-list allows you to see who “liked” your profile, provides more criteria for the search and the absence of ads. Also, the invisible mode is also rather useful. The pricing is the following:

  • A one-month subscription will cost $19.95.
  • A three-month subscription will cost $14.95 per month.
  • A six-month subscription will cost $9.95 per month.

But that’s not all. The OkCupid features the second subscription plan, called A-List Premium. It gives you the opportunity to boost the profile, find more attractive matches and be seen by more attractive people. Also, your messages will be on the top of everybody’s mailbox.
The A-List Premium costs as follows:

  • A one-month subscription costs $34.90.
  • A three-month subscription costs $29.90.
  • A six-month subscription costs $24.90.

Bottom Line:
Thus, the subscription list, offered by the POF is more affordable compared to the OkCupid. But the OkCupid offers more functions and options, which facilitate the search.

6. Quality Of Matches – OkCupid vs POF 3:2

Both sites supply you with matching profiles, based on your preferences and the search history. However, OkCupid provides many prompts for you. The thing is that before the search you answer questions in the questionnaire, which help you to identify your personality and pick up the best pair. The POF allows you to search by many features (from the height and weight to religious beliefs). The difference between them is that the results, given by the POF, tend to be more accurate and qualitative. For instance, if you use the same search parameters (age, distance, online status, religious beliefs, marital status, the presence or absence of kids), the OkCupid gives you about 157 k users, whereas the POF offers only 47 k users. But people claim that the POF suggests more compatible and interesting people than the OkCupid does.
However, on OkCupid, you see how the person has answered the vital questions and the major things about them you can find out in three clicks. On POF, you don’t have such options and the only way to understand whether you are compatible or not is to ask. Eventually, it is more time-consuming and distracting.
On top of that, there is the difference between them in demographics. Thus, nerdy, urban, and academic types prevail on the OkCupid. And people, who go to POF, are more open-minded and creative, but you may encounter fake profiles. But the profiles on the OkCupid are more attractive as people have written there much more information that people on the POF did.
Bottom Line:
The OkCupid gives the bigger number of results, but the POF offers more qualitative matches. In the meantime, people on OkCupid.com may be less appealing than people on POF. But the users of the POF tend to be less serious about their search.

7. Using The Service – OkCupid vs POF 4:2

OkCupid is easy to use and it is as user-friendly as the dating website can be. While using the website, you may browse the profiles using different filters (age, height, ethnicity, the city of residence, vices, relationship goals), you may “like” certain profiles, see who viewed your profile (only in a paid version) and of course, send messages. Besides, a zest of the website is the questionnaire, which suggests you answering different questions. The answers are used by the website to help you to select the appropriate partner (who answered the same to these questions). The only drawback is that the site doesn’t offer drop-down menus.
As for the POF, it has a completely different story. It is oversimplified, which may be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The search is intuitive and gives well-picked results, based on the certain criteria (including the personality type). You can exchange messages and limit what type of the person may contact you. My Matches and Meet Me! may speed up the search for the loved one. You can add certain people to your Favorites and write testimonials on the profiles, which have you on the Favorite list.
However, there are constant improvements on the site so that the things become different and you can’t remember where to find certain sections. Besides, you may remove any testimonial written about you or edit and remove the testimonial you have written. Obviously, this option isn’t as functional as it should be. Eventually, the use of the site becomes a pain in the neck.
Bottom Line:
OkCupid.com has a clearer interface, which facilitates the browsing process. While the POF due to the constant changes makes the platform more incomprehensible.

8. Aesthetics & Interface – OkCupid vs POF 5:2

Both websites are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. The OkCupid provides the basic information about the person on the right and major points are highlighted there. All information is presented in a cohesive way. Also, the OkCupid has a more attractive and user-friendly interface. The pictures are clearer and larger. Besides, you may “hide” people you don’t want to see, or “like” people.
As for the POF, it has a too plain interface with some drawbacks. The photos are too small and it is impossible to see the age and location in the gallery.
Bottom Line:
The OkCupid’s interface is easier to navigate and it is sleeker.


Both sites are free, yet they feature some premium options. Use one of them, taking into account your goals and preferences.
Hence, both websites may give you either exciting or terrifying dating experience. Basically, these platforms are free but they have subscription plans, which allow you to use more options. The OkCupid is more expensive than the POF, but the OkCupid provides more functions in the paid version.
As for the contingent on the websites, it is different. The OkCupid has a young audience, but it is well-educated and in the majority of times, it is family oriented. There you can find any type of the relationship you want – from the casual relationship to the long-lasting relationship and marriage. The dating pool is broad enough for you to find the match according to your preferences. The paid versions allow you to boost the profile and speed up your search. However, as any free service, the website attracts scammers. So you should be careful about it.
Moving to the POF, it may be a nice place to look for a man or woman without serious intentions. The free version gives enough opportunities for communication and the paid version provides several beneficial “add-ons” such as sending gifts, uploading more photos, seeing the activity status. Generally, people claim that the users of the POF are more responsive and chatty.
But the platform has several drawbacks. Firstly, the POF runs primarily on advertising, so you’ll get a lot of advertising. Besides, it doesn’t feature chat rooms, it may slow down your search. Besides, due to constant changes, the site is difficult to navigate, so the ease of use is worse compared to the OkCupid.com.
Also, even if the users on the POF tend to be more communicative, there are many gold diggers and inappropriate content.
So, each platform has its own pros and cons. If you focus on the serious relationship or want to find the person with the same interests and values, OkCupid.com is your option. But if you prefer simplicity or don’t know what type of the relationship you are looking for, give the POF a try.
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