How to Open All Your Photos from the Windows 10 Taskbar

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There are lots of ways to set up shortcuts in Windows 10. The desktop is usually the place for file shortcuts such as photographs. However, if you need to set up lots of photo shortcuts for quick access you can add them to the taskbar instead. Here are a couple of ways you can open your favorite photos directly from the taskbar.

Set Up a Photo Folder Toolbar

Taskbar toolbars are perhaps a somewhat overlooked way to set up shortcuts to folders. With those you can add folder shortcuts to the taskbar from which you can directly open photos, documents, MP3s, etc. So this is a good way to set up a shortcut to your Pictures folder.

First, right-click the taskbar, select Toolbars > New toolbars. Then select the folder that includes your favorite images. Press Select Folder to confirm your selection.

Then your photo folder toolbar will be on the right of the taskbar. Click its double-arrow to open the toolbar’s menu that includes all the photos and subfolders in the folder as shown below. Thus, you can now open all your favorite photos directly from that toolbar menu. Right-click a photo’s title on that menu to open its context menu from which you can select Print and Set as desktop background options.

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Pin a Single Photo Shortcut to the Taskbar

Alternatively, you can add shortcuts to single photos on the taskbar with this trick. First, open Notepad, select File and Save As. Then save the file as ‘Show Desktop.exe,’ or any other title so long as it includes the .exe at the end of it, in the Desktop folder and close Notepad.

Now you should find Show Desktop.exe on the desktop. Drag that file onto the taskbar to pin it there. Then right-click the Show Desktop.exe file on the taskbar and right-click its title as shown in the snapshot below.

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Select Properties from the menu to open the window in the shot below. That includes a Target text box that you should now edit by deleting the current path (file location) and replacing it with a photograph path. You can find path details for most files by right-clicking them and selecting Properties.

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When you’ve entered a photograph path in the Target box, click Apply and OK. The shortcut pinned to the taskbar will now open the photograph or image you configured it to in its Target box when you click it. You can add any file shortcut to the taskbar much the same.

So those are two great ways to set up shortcuts for photographs, and other files, on your taskbar. Then you can quickly open your favorite images from the photo toolbar or their pinned shortcuts on the taskbar. Check out this TechJunkie article for some more taskbar tips.

Posted by Matthew on July 18, 2016

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