How to open multiple programs and documents with a hotkey in Windows 10


If you often need to open multiple software packages or documents, it would be handy if that could be done in one go instead of opening each separately. Microsoft hasn’t incorporated any options into Windows 10 that enable you to open a group of programs or documents at once. However, there are third-party packages that you can set up shortcuts with which open a group of programs or documents simultaneously.

ProgramLaunch is basically an app launcher for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. This program also enables you to set up shortcuts that open multiple software packages or files. Click the Download button on its Softpedia page to save the ProgramLaunch setup to Windows. Go through the setup to install the software and open it as below.


To set up a shortcut that opens a group of programs, you must first add each software package to the ProgramLaunch panel separately. So right-click the panel and select Add program/file to open the window directly below. Click the … button beside the Program text box to choose a software package for the shortcut to open. Enter a title for it, and then click the OK button.


Once you’ve added a few programs to the ProgramLaunch panel, you can now set up a shortcut that opens all of them at once. Right-click the panel and select Add batch to open the Icon properties window. Then click the Add button on that window to open drop-down menus in the Properties box as in the snapshot directly below. You can select all the software added to the ProgramLaunch panel from those drop-down menus. Choose a few programs to include in the group from there, give the shortcut a title and click OK.


Now click that shortcut on the ProgramLaunch panel to run all the programs you selected it to open. Give that shortcut a hotkey by right-clicking it and opening the Icon properties window again. Press Add below the Shortcuts box to open some hotkey options. Then select a key from the Key drop-down menu and a modifier for it. Click OK to apply the settings, and press the hotkey assigned to the shortcut to open all its programs.


So you can add lots of shortcuts that open multiple software packages and documents to the ProgramLaunch panel. You can also remove the app launcher from the desktop by right-clicking the panel and selecting the Autohide option. Move the cursor to the top of desktop to reopen the panel.

With ProgramLaunch you can now quickly open a group of programs or files by pressing a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10. That’s just one software package that enables you to open programs simultaneously, and you could also try out AutoStarter X4 or the TinyTask macro-recording utility covered in this Techjunkie post. 

Posted by Matthew on August 30, 2016

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