Quick Tip – Use the Option Key to Resize All Finder Columns

Posted by Jim Tanous on April 30, 2015
os x finder column view

Here’s a quick tip that can make navigating your files in the OS X Finder a bit easier. Finder’s column view is a great way to keep track of your folder hierarchy, and it makes moving files between nested folders a breeze. But often Finder’s columns are too small to view entire file and folder names. You can manually resize individual columns by clicking and dragging the divider (two vertical lines at the bottom of the space between columns) to the right of the column you wish to resize. But if you’re deep into a series of nested folders, you may need to resize multiple columns.
os x finder resize columns
Instead of resizing each column manually, you can resize all active Finder columns by holding the Option key on your keyboard while you drag the Finder column divider. Simply press and hold the Option key on your keyboard first, then click and drag the column divider second. You’ll see all columns change size simultaneously. After you’ve set the same size for all columns, you can tweak the size of individual columns by dragging the divider without holding the Option key.

3 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Use the Option Key to Resize All Finder Columns”

Paulo Pinto says:
I discovered a new trick. If you hold option+click twice on any column divider, all columns get auto resized. Try this!
john walker says:
Amazing that, really helpful and save time from scrolling .
WP Expert says:
nice tip! Do you know if there is a possibility to have the columns to auto-resize all the time? Thanks
TekRevue says:
I haven’t really used either of them, but both XtraFinder and TotalFinder advertise the ability to automatically resize each column to the correct width.
WP Expert says:
Thank you! I will check them out.
TekRevue says:
Yes, both apps have been around for years and I’ve never about anything nefarious.

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