How to Outline Text with Paint.NET

text outline5

Do you need to add an outline to image text? If that’s so, you can do exactly that with Paint.NET. However, the software doesn’t include any option on its text toolbar for that editing. You can add a color outline to text with the Outline Object plug-in.

Add the Outline Object plug-in to Paint.NET from this page. Click the Zip download icon on that page to save its compressed folder. To unzip that folder, open it in File Explorer and select Extract all. Then select to extract it to Paint.NET’s Effects folder.

Now open the Paint.NET software. First, open an image to add some text to. Then click Layers > Add New Layer, and press the F7 key to open the window shown below. There should be an empty layer on top of the background.

text outline

Select the empty layer at the top of that window. Click Tool > Text, and then enter some text onto the picture. Press F8 to open the color palette shown directly below that you can customize the font colors with.

text outline2

Now click Effects > Object > Outline Object to open the plug-in’s window shown directly below. That includes an outline color palette. Move the small circle on the palette to choose a color for the text outline.
text outline3

The window also includes two bars on it. The Radius bar adjusts the width of the text outline. So drag that further right to expand the outline width. The Strength bar further strengthens the outline.

When you’ve finished editing with the Outline Object tool, click OK to close the window. Then you could have output similar to that in the shot below. Click File > Save to save the edited image.

text outline4

Note that you can also select a Repeat Outline Object option at the top of the Effects menu to quickly apply the editing with the currently selected text outline settings. Also note that the tool applies the same outline to all text in a layer. You’ll need to set up new layers to add alternative outlines for other text added to the picture as below.

text outline5

So now you can quickly add outlines to image text. Outlines can add a little extra gloss to the text. The outlines can also make the text clearer if the picture background has a similar color scheme.

Posted by Matthew on July 29, 2016

2 thoughts on “How to Outline Text with Paint.NET”


October 29, 2016 at 9:31 am

This article is wrong. PDN contains no such menu selection as “Effects > Objects > Outline Object”.



October 30, 2016 at 7:19 am

It doesn’t if you haven’t added the plug-in to the software. Have you added the plug-in mentioned in the article to Paint.NET?


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