How to Fix Parallels Desktop 9 on OS X Yosemite DP6

Posted by Jim Tanous on August 20, 2014
Parallels Desktop Yosemite

Following up on today’s Parallels Desktop 10 news, we wanted to provide a quick tip on getting Parallels Desktop 9 to work on the latest developer build of OS X Yosemite. Parallels Desktop has worked fine throughout the beta process for Yosemite, but with the release of Developer Preview 6 on Monday, Parallels no longer opened, reporting that the app was “unable to start Parallels services.”
Parallels Desktop 9 Unable to Start Parallels Services
For those who need to access Parallels Desktop 9 with the Yosemite Developer Previews, user bradhs123 over at the Parallels forums offers a solution. Open Terminal and type in the following command, along with your admin password when prompted:

sudo /Applications/Parallels Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/Parallels Service.app/Contents/MacOS/prl_disp_service -e

You may get a warning that the “Application was not created in the main( ) thread.” Just quit Terminal and try to open Parallels Desktop 9 again. From our testing, the app will open and operate normally.
Parallels has acknowledged the issue and promises a fix in the next update of the software, although there’s no word yet on when that may be.

Update [2014-08-26]: As noted in our Parallels 10 Review, the company has issued a statement promising to fix Parallels 9 for Yosemite, with an update expected in “early September.” The only caveat is that the fix is only promised for the final public build of Yosemite, and might not work on any remaining Yosemite Developer Previews before then.

8 thoughts on “How to Fix Parallels Desktop 9 on OS X Yosemite DP6”

Hafiz Rameli says:
cannot press keyboard for enter password after following command. Plz help me
Guy Cortesi says:
Parallels released a fix (build 9.0.24251) that fixes this issue. I tried it and now can start Parallels OK again when running in 10.10 public beta 2
iBlaineman says:
I assume this command is only temporary since I had the leave terminal open while running version 9 for this to work. I upgraded to version 10. Do I need to issue another command to revert any changes this command made?
Karl Fox says:
Sorry; I meant “upgrade to version 10.”
Karl Fox says:
Thanks for the fix; this did allow me to boot. Their only current “real” fix is to give them $50 to upgrade to version 9, but I’ve been burned by that trick too many times, by both them and VMware. $50 to fix bugs! I “fixed” it by downloading VirtualBox.
TekRevue says:
Hi Karl,
I totally understand that frustration. But check out the first section of this page from our Parallels 10 review. At the end is a statement we received from Parallels promising to fix Parallels 9 on Yosemite. But they only promise to fix it for the final public version of Yosemite, not necessarily any remaining Developer Previews before then.
Hajoway says:
Worked great. Thank you!
Georgi Kostadinov says:
Works great! Thanks for the tip!
Corey says:
Doesn’t work for me :/
Fred Hoover says:
Try this one https://www.apponfly.com/en?KAI maybe will help. It is, also, kind of parallel desktop

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