Personalized Gifts Ideas for Her, Engraved Presents for Mom or Girlfriend

Posted by Andrew on July 4, 2018
Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

Prints, engravings, and monograms on items are like the tattoos on the skin: they express a special message and are aimed at remembering something important. If you want your lady feel appreciated every time when her eyes will catch your gift – make it noticeable with an etching!
You can present a lot of ordinary but still pleasant things, you can add flowers and compliments, you can shower the glitter on your girlfriend on her birthday, but you cannot do better than find a cool personalized gift. We should be honest: a few months ago we knew nothing about initials’ engravings on presents. Now we can say that we are the experts in this field! We have passed a long and difficult path when tried to find some beautiful gift items for our own relatives and friends and can imagine your horror towards the same process. Seems like you must kill a dragon, burn his chains and delve through his numerous treasures, huh? And all those continuous questions like: “Should I put there her name or a cool saying instead?” and “Why did I agree to go to this freaking birthday?” …
We offer you our help and one of the biggest personalized gifts collections that we have ever seen. Let’s kill that annoying “dragon” together!
P.S. We promise that the dragon slayer fame will be all yours.

Personalised Gifts for Her

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1. Personalized Necklace

One can say that the jewelry is the easiest way to impress a girl. Though you can turn to be on a very thin ice, if buying a necklace literally blind. If you want your lady to wear the jewelry that you have presented to her, make the thoughtful choice and remember that it is a science of a thousand details. Start with taking into account her style and preferences! Or consider the necklace below.

Single Edge-Hammered Personalized Charm Necklace

Single EdgeHammered Personalized Charm Necklace
This charming personalized necklace is made of solid sterling silver and has a beautiful Swarovski birthstone that slays with its light emerald flecks. It is the thing of minimalism style and we are sure that it will go perfectly with any look and will satisfy even the most demanding ladies with its highest quality.

2. Personalized Crystals

Some girls adore the dazzling things (like those blinding highlighters on their faces). If you want your woman to see the same impressive light every time she wakes up – consider the personalized crystal that we have found on Amazon!

Personalized Custom Engraved Crystal Diamonds

Personalized Custom Engraved Crystal Diamonds
Your lady can put this stunning crystal heart on a bedside cabinet and will see a laser engraving of the words that you want her to remember. It is rather a keepsake gift, than a jewel, but it is so pretty that will amaze everyone, who will see the light at each its angle.

3. Monogrammed Ring

Men can complain that it is hard to guess the ring size of a woman. Well, you can easily “stole” one of her rings for a day and show it to a manager in a jewelry store; or just take measure of her finger while she is sleeping. If you have no possibility to learn her precise size – let it go hang and buy the one that is customizable! Or buy one that you think suitable.

Monogram Name Ring

Monogram Name Ring
The monogrammed rings have always been the signs of royalty and the rich. Well, if you think that your woman deserves the best life (or already has it), present this sophisticated item to her, for everyone to know that she is a person of noble birth!

Personalized Presents Ideas for Mother

1. Throw Pillow

Comfort is one of the most important things in life. Our moms should get the best possible comfort! They can get it at night, when all the children are put to their beds and the house shines with the cleanness. Make their rest better with the pillows that are embroidered with worm words! Your own words.

World’s Greatest Mom Throw Pillow

Worlds Greatest Mom Throw Pillow
This sweet pillow looks so soft and calming! If you live far from your mother, present this little thing to her, and a tiny part of your love to her will be always hear and cheer her up!

2. Personalized Bracelet

Moms want to look stunning at any age and in any mood! The accessories, being the important details to any outfit, help them reach that goal. Greet your dear mother with a nice bracelet that will match not only her style, but the age also, as it should be taken into account too.

Suyi Personalized Turquoise Beads Bracelet

Suyi Personalized Turquoise Beads Bracelet
The uniqueness and brightness of this bracelet can capture the anyone’s eye! Additionally, it has a little heart-shaped silver detail, that will add a bit of cuteness to the whole bracelet look. It goes with Suyi brand velvet box, so you will get the complete gift for your respected mother. Show her that she has a respectful child.

3. Personalized Tote Bag

Tote bags are multifunctional and perfect for everyday use. Do not think a lot and present one of these stylish accessories to your mother. Even if she has one – there is never too many bags for a woman!

Mud Pie 501111 L-Initial Canvas Tote

The black and white things are always trendy, as they are classics. You will never go wrong with the minimalistic accessories, especially if they are personalized – they will show the perfect taste of their owner, as it is hard to add a lot of details to clean items. If your mom adores such things, choose this Mud Pie tote bag for a gift.

Best Special Gifts for Her

1. Embroidered Blanket

Blankets are aimed at creating the coziness and warm atmosphere of a room. Moreover, they can comfort your girlfriend when you are far from her. If you want your woman to feel herself in the true Lares and Penates, then put a soft personalized blanket on her coach and be sure that she will be kept warm and well.

JoJo Custom Embroidered Blankets

JoJo Custom Embroidered Blankets
It is soft, fussy and cute. It is labeled and available in different colors that allows you to choose the most suitable for the design of a room. Finally, it is affordable. What are you waiting for? Take this wonderful thing!

2. Personalized Apron

This thing is devoted to every woman who adores cooking! Especially, if there are the family members who adore the same activity and taking the only apron in the house. Every single time.

The Apron Place Personalized Apron

The Apron Place Personalized Apron
Personalized apron is a solution for the “personal things” problem. This one says that its owner is a real Chef – and it is embroidered, not printed, so will say this to you for years! Apron has a convenient pockets and blindingly intense color.
P.S. The color can be changed to any other, if you will not find the one suitable for you.

3. Stretch Headband with Name

Girls adore making masks! Well, they can hate this, but sometimes they should care about the skin. However, one of the most annoying things is mask substance on hair, that are hard to be cleaned from the oils and acids. They often forget about the headbands: remind your lady that they exist!

Cotton Stretch Headband Embroidered with Your Text

Cotton Stretch Headband Embroidered with Your Text
This wide cotton stretch band is extremely helpful during the spa procedures. The only thing you need is choosing the color and the name of your girl – and a cool useful gift is ready to be given!

Monogrammed Gifts Ideas for Her

1. Monogrammed Jewelry Box

The jewelry boxes are the luxurious things. They not only add some order in the life of your girl’s wardrobe, but also please the eyes! There are so many boxes on Amazon – their number can puzzle even the birthday girl herself (if she makes the choice of the gift for the birthday). We offer you a solution. Find it below!

Faux Leather Medium Jewelry Organizer

Faux Leather Medium Jewelry Organizer
Faux leather makes it a bit more affordable, what will come in handy if you do not have a big budget. However, this jewelry organizer still looks like heaven! A lot of hangers, a built-in mirror, a row of ring rolls, two side flaps… And this is only a half. The whole jewelry collection will be kept in safe.

2. Personalized Keychain

It is small, but so cute thing! And this will be with your lady constantly, in her bag or in her pocket. Allow her to pick a tiny part of your love and attention everywhere with her!

Personalized Monogrammed Alphabet Initial Letter Keychain

Personalized Monogrammed Alphabet Initial Letter Keychain
Wow, what a sweet thing! Thin italic type makes it look feminine and elegant. Devil in the details, huh? Especially if in such cute details.

3. Personalized Wallet

Wallets with names are considered by some people as the things that are often lost. We constantly lose our wallets, but the personalized things are just the items that belong to careful and attentive individuals, who value personal stuff. If your friend or girlfriend is of such kind – she will be happy to get a monogrammed wallet!

Left Coast Original Leather Wallet

Left Coast Original Leather Wallet
Brownish hues are on the peak now. This leather wallet is a must-have for a girl with fashion addiction! By the way, it is unisex, so if the birthday woman likes unisex elegancy, this item would be a perfect gift for her.

Meaningful Gifts for Women

1. Robe with Monogram

Mornings and weekends become so easy and elegant, when you wear comfortable and beautiful clothes at home. Being in a family circle does not mean that you should get rid of all your feminineness and take on your old sport t-shirt. If your wife or girlfriend still has no pretty robe – present one to her.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

Monogrammed Bathrobe
This long and light robe with a monogram is a one-size fits most, so you do not have to think over the taking the measures. It is simple, pretty and comfortable to wear at home. An ideal gift for a beloved person.

2. Monogrammed Sweater

Do you remember those English reserved styles? We are sure you do, and sure that you like them. Well, even if you full of hatred to the calm prints and classic silhouettes, you will appreciate the monogrammed clothes, as they signify only about an amazing taste and carefulness of their owner.

Woman Within Women’s Monogrammed Classic Cardigan

Woman Within Womens Monogrammed Classic Cardigan
Cardigans can be taken on in any weather and for any occasion, if the smart casual or casual style is needed. This one is long enough to keep your body covered, and its color is neither blinding, nor restrictive. Seems like we have found the happy mean…

3. Personalized Scarf

This category is aimed at those persons, who adore keeping their personal things far from the hands of others. Just a name on a scarf – and everyone will respect this goddamn thing and will never touch this! Well, it is supposed to be so…

Monogrammed Plaid Blanket Scarf

Monogrammed Plaid Blanket Scarf
The combination of the three powerful colors – red, black and white – is stunning! Popular print makes this scarf noticeable by the fashionistas too. Such an accessory will be a perfect new detail to any look and will keep the owner far from cold.

Customized Gifts for Girlfriend

1. Engraved Glass

Everyone wants his or her personal glass of wine! Especially if there are so many guests on a party that you can barely see at least one glass… The problem is easy to be solved! We offer you a glass with engraving!

On The Rox Drinks Engraved Wine Glass

On The Rox Drinks Engraved Wine Glass
The glasses of On the Rox company are notable for their high quality, multipurpose usage and long lasting life. The initials on it only add a pleasant detail to this list of the amazing features.

2. Personalized Pen

The era of businessmen is still here, but it is a bit diluted by the era of businesswomen. The latter group is still obsessed with the stylish things, so their partners and friends have got a new gifts category for them!

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel & Gold Ballpoint Pen with Leather Case and Gift Box

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Gold Ballpoint Pen with Leather Case and Gift Box
The words are not needed here. Parker Pen that is made of stainless steel and goes in luxurious leather box is a legendary item and one of the best gifts in the world for any gender.

3. Leather Card Wallet

This thing is for a lady, who either holds a serious post or owns a business. Neat card wallets, being a statement thing, will come in handy in any negotiation.

Personalized Credit Business Card Case

Personalized Credit Business Card Case
All the business cards will be in safe in this chic stainless steel case. The producer offers six colors and ten different fonts for an engraving. It is small and fill fit even a small blazer purse, so its owner will be always ready to offer her business card.

Unique Engraved Gifts for Her

1. Personal Slippers

This gift seems to be suitable for the closest people, in other words, for wife or a close friend. Such a home stuff is designed to be too personal, so please make sure that you are in a good relationship with a birthday woman, if decided to present a pair of the slippers.

Custom Monogrammed Slippers in Multiple Colors

Custom Monogrammed Slippers in Multiple Colors
What can be better than the coz velour slippers after an exhausting working day? Only the monogrammed slippers, that are only yours!

2. Personalized Drinkware Accessories

We should drink a lot of water for our body to stay strong and feel fresh. The water bottles with clips save us in any circumstances and give us the possibility to drink the water that we cleaned personally. If a birthday girl has no similar bottle – take care about her and present this little, but useful thing.

Personalized 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Personalized 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Wow, AlphaNumeric Engravers offer so many colors and engraving styles! We could not pass by this huge variety and offer you to check their product and make a unique bottle for your dearest person’s birthday.

3. Hat

Do not think that hats moved in the past. They are still not only fashionable, but also useful. If you live in a sunny place – a floppy hat will come in handy and can turn to be a cool birthday gift for a female friend.

Personalized Wide Brim Floppy Sun Beach Pool Hat

Personalized Wide Brim Floppy Sun Beach Pool Hat
Gorgeous, feminine and light hat is suitable everywhere – from the beach to a wedding, in spite of its casualness. Every girl should have this in her wardrobe!

Meaningful Personal Gifts for Female

1. Personalized Watch

People are tired with all those boring watches – you, our reader, certainly have a collection of these tickling things. Be sure that you will not impress a girl with a watch anymore; but you still can make it special with the monogram of her name or even more…

Personalized Watch with Custom Picture

Personalized Watch with Custom Picture
This watch has a photo. God, it has a customized image on its little dial! Such item is the example of the true creativeness, both the producers and a person who is going to present it!

2. Travel Mugs

We are constantly moving; the modern world demands the ability to make everything fast, be everywhere and do everything successfully. How can we stay healthy being in a hurry and have no possibility to take a sit and have a drink or snack? The smart people invented the travel mugs. You can be sure that your tea, coffee or even a soup will be kept hot and close at hand.

Monogrammed Insulated Tumbler

Monogrammed Insulated Tumbler
All the beverages will be kept in the temperature that you want them to be in. The bright, but clean design will attract the attention of the passers-by, but also will signify them that this is your personal thing – and it will do this for long, as the colors and fonts will not fade over time. Take the comfort with you!

3. Compact Mirror

Foldable compact make-up mirror is ideal for travel and everyday life. We only wonder, why some ladies do not have it yet! If your friend has no compact mirror – correct this mistake and help her to look perfect everywhere!

Personalized Floral Makeup Mirror

Personalized Floral Makeup Mirror
This is insanely stunning. Two mirrors – one regular and one magnified – are put into a solid silver case with a wonderful monogram. Give me two, now!

Personalized Gift Baskets for Her

1. Spa Gift Basket

How pleasant it is, to have a spa-day at home… Well, if you have the needed items to do this. Believe us, there is never enough such things in a lady’s home. Give her one of the incredible gift baskets as a birthday present, and she will be happy to have a girly day!

Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

Premium Deluxe Bath Body Gift Basket
This spa-basket is sensationally good! It is affordable, full of premium quality products, and goes in a strict black gift box with a personalized gift note! Wow your beloved woman!

2. Gift Basket with Sweeties

Probably any woman has a sweet tooth. A gift basket with candies and other tasty stuff is a universal and unique present for any girl, who adores the delicious sweets.

Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket
It is good as Heaven and looks like it is made there! It makes us drool and order it immediately. Hope that your girl will love this similarly!
P.S. Good as a present for a colleague because of the elegant design of the box.

3. Cheese Gift Basket

Cheese box plus a bottle of a good wine – and you will have an amazing evening! If are going to celebrate the birthday together with your lady, then such a basket will come in handy and will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, full of new tasty experiences.

GiftTree Personalized Cheese Slate with Artisan Cheeses

GiftTree Personalized Cheese Slate with Artisan Cheeses
Even the experts will appreciate such a gift, as it offers the samples of the award-winning artisan-made cheeses from around the world. It is one of the classiest ways to impress your dearest ones, who are addicts to cooking and new food experiences.
P.S. Goes with a stone slate cutting board!

Great Memorable Keepsakes for Ladies

1. Keepsake Box

Everyone likes keeping the memories close to the heart. Unfortunately, we often forget about the important events and dates; what can we do with this? We can have a keepsake box, that will save our memories and retain them throughout our life journey. Such a box can turn to be a remarkable gift for your loved one.

Amethyst Glass Keepsake Box

Amethyst Glass Keepsake Box
It is both, vintage and modern. It is both, fragile and sturdy. The only thing you need to do to keep this as stunning as it looks on the image is to buff it with a soft dry cloth. God, this iridescent light, tho…

2. Personalized Padlock

Such padlocks can be met on the bridges’ railings – couples adore to “lock” their feelings forever. If you want to show your admiration to your sweetheart, give her one of these wonderful signs of the endless love.

MagiDeal Vintage Personalized Heart Shape Padlock

MagiDeal Vintage Personalized Heart Shape Padlock
It is not only cute, but also useful! Your woman can lock it on her luggage or even her wardrobe. Make her life easier, safer and more romantic with this nice little item!

3. Vase with Engraving

If you are a man, who adores giving the huge bouquets to his women, then this thing must be in her house. A vase with a distinctive and exclusive design will be a useful item and a pretty detail, complementing the whole interior of a room.

In Loving Memory Stony Creek 12″ Tall Lighted Oval Glass Vase

In Loving Memory Stony Creek 12 Tall Lighted Oval Glass Vase
This vase is light, clean and elegant. Unlike the other vases, this one is lit with electric string lights and has two beautiful sculpted wings on the surface. Additionally, it comes with a personalized card and an alternative set of battery operated lights, so you can present it to anyone and put it everywhere.
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