How To Pin a Message in Telegram

One neat feature that seems to be quite underrated in the world’s favorite chat app is the ability to pin a message in Telegram. Pinning messages keeps it at the top of your chat list, ensuring you can access it quickly and easily. You can pin your private chats or those in groups and it comes in very handy indeed.

I pin messages fairly frequently. It tends to be conversation threads I want to return to or when people send links I don’t have time to check right away but want to check later. I can pin the chat, access it quickly and then unpin it when I have done what I wanted to go. Groups often pin important messages to make sure every member has the chance to read it.

Pin a message in Telegram

It is very easy to pin a message in Telegram which is why I used it so often. You can pin chats between individuals or groups and the process is exactly the same.

  1. Open the chat you want to pin in Telegram.
  2. Tap and hold on the chat until a popup box appears.
  3. Select Pin, select whether to allow all parties to know you pinned it.
  4. Select OK.

The chat will then remain at the top of your message screen ready for you to do what you need to do with it. When you no longer need it to be pinned, repeat the steps above but select Unpin instead.

That isn’t all you can do with Telegram chats. Here are a few more tips and tricks for Telegram that will supercharge your experience.

Edit sent messages in Telegram

One unusual but welcome feature in Telegram is the ability to edit messages even after you sent them. If you send a group message or a chat with someone important and spot a glaring typo, you can go into that message and edit it after the fact.

  1. Open the chat you want to edit in Telegram.
  2. Long press on the screen.
  3. Select the pencil icon from the popup box.
  4. Make your change and select OK.

The message will then be changed for everyone. It will show a pencil icon to show everyone it has been edited too.

Reply to messages from your Home screen

Just like you can reply to SMS notifications from your phone’s Home screen, you can do the same in Telegram. You need to enable the function first but if you’re usually quick off the mark when replying, this can save precious seconds.

  1. Open Telegram and select Settings.
  2. Select Notifications and Sounds.
  3. Enable Popup Notifications.

This setting will show a notification on your Home screen when you get a message. You can then tap that message and reply directly.

Read Telegram messages without telling the sender

If curiosity gets the better of you and you cannot wait to read a message but don’t have time for a protracted chat, you can secretly read Telegram messages. It uses the same method of other chat apps, airplane mode.

  1. Allow Telegram to download the message as usual.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode on your phone.
  3. Open and read your Telegram message.
  4. Shut down Telegram until you want the read receipt to be sent.

It’s an old trick but still a useful one.

Hide when you were last on Telegram

There are times when you sneak on to Telegram but you don’t want certain friends to know. The reasons are many and likely all valid so it’s good that you can hide the Last Seen setting.

  1. Open Telegram and select Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and Security.
  3. Modify Last Seen.

Within the Last Seen setting you can choose who gets to see what and even add exceptions to any rules you set. It’s a neat little feature that comes in handy sometimes.

Sort your chats with hashtags

If you have a busy group in Telegram, it might be useful to sort all your conversations with hashtags. These work in the same way as they do in Twitter. They allow you to search for particular hashtags quickly. Ideal for busier groups.

  1. Open a message within Telegram.
  2. Type the hashtag (#) followed by a meaningful term.

You will then be able to search using that hashtag, as will other people in the group.

Stop GIFs from autoplaying in Telegram

I have never really liked GIFs. I find them incredibly annoying and not that funny most of the time. The ability to stop them autoplaying and flashing or moving on your phone is invaluable. Here is how to enable the setting.

  1. Open Telegram and select Settings.
  2. Toggle Autoplay GIFs to off.

Enjoy a GIF-free Telegram experience with this simple fix. You will still be able to play GIFs when you select them but they will no longer flash annoying at you until you manually trigger them.

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Avatar Mikailah Jensen says:
I shared this on my new group, it is not easy to learn to use this app, but you helped us out in a big way. I thank you

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