How To Play Music from Your PC on Your Amazon Echo?

The various Amazon Echo devices are quite good at playing music, and some might add that the sound quality is surprisingly good. There are a few ways to listen to your favorite tunes on Echo. The easiest way is to just say Alexa, play this or that tune if you are using Amazon Prime or other Amazon Music services.

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But what about playing music that’s on our PC? You can, of course, stream music from your PC to Amazon Echo but the method might not be as easy as saying Alexa play…

This write-up provides a step-by-step guide on how to play music from your PC on Amazon Echo.

Streaming Music from a PC to Echo

The following method is an example of how to set up Amazon Echo on a Windows 10 machine. The steps and setup process might differ if you are using an earlier Windows operating system.

Here’s how to do it on Windows 10:

1. Go to Amazon Alexa Page

Launch the browser of your preference and open the Amazon Alexa page. Once you are on the page, sign in to access all the menus.

2. Select Settings

The Settings option is located on the left under the Home menu. After you click on Settings, find your Echo under Devices and click on it.

3. Pair a New Device

Once you’ve selected the Amazon Echo, choose Bluetooth then click Pair a New Device to confirm.

4. Launch Window 10 Settings

Open the Settings menu on your Windows machine and select Devices.

5. Add Your Amazon Echo

Choose Bluetooth & other devices in the Devices menu, then select the Add Bluetooth or other device option. As soon as your Echo appears in the menu, click on its name to make a connection with your Windows machine.

6. Confirm Connection

After the connection has been successfully established, you will be able to see the Echo as connected. Alexa will also tell you that a new connection has been made.

At this point, you can play from your PC on Amazon Echo regardless of the music app you are using.

Uploading Music from Your PC

Amazon Music gives you the option to upload music from your PC and then listen to it an Echo or another Alexa-enabled device. This method is quite handy since you can ask Alexa to play any tune uploaded from your PC.

Use the following steps to get tunes from your PC onto Amazon Music:

1. Launch the Amazon Music App

Click on the Amazon Music app to open it, then select My Music. The My Music menu features an Upload Select Music button on the right. Click on the button to initiate the upload.

2. Make a Selection

After you click the Upload button, a pop-up window will appear asking you to choose files or folders. Click either option and navigate to the music file or folder that you wish to upload. Confirm the choice by clicking on OK and the tunes will be uploaded to Amazon Music.

3. Confirm the Upload

Once the upload is complete, another pop-up window will appear to inform you about the upload status. Just click on OK to confirm and now you can ask Alexa to play the uploaded music.

Note: Amazon Music allows you to upload only 250 tunes to the library. However, if you go for a paid Amazon Music storage plan, that goes up to 250,000 songs.

Playing Music from other Devices on Amazon Echo

Besides your PC, you can also pair other devices like smartphones and tablets to play music on Amazon Echo. The setup is simple and straightforward so feel free to give it a try.

1. Pair with Your Echo

Stand near your Amazon Echo with your smart device and say Alexa pair. The Echo will go into pairing mode.

2. Launch Bluetooth Settings

Access the Bluetooth settings on your smart device and tap on Amazon Echo. It will appear under Other Devices if you are pairing for the first time. Once the connection is established, you will be able to see it in the Bluetooth menu. Alexa will also inform you of the connection.

3. Open the Preferred Music App

After that, you just need to open your preferred music app and select the audio that you wish to play. The sound should start coming through Alexa. You can also use voice controls to manage playback and volume.

The Final Tune

Amazon Echo features amazing versatility and you can pair almost any device with it. Pairing the Echo with your PC does require a few steps but it’s well worth the effort. You can enjoy unlimited access to the music files on your PC and there is no need to subscribe to a premium package.

Finally, don’t forget to share in the comments section below which device do you prefer your Amazon Echo to play music from.

4 thoughts on “How To Play Music from Your PC on Your Amazon Echo?”

J. Stuart Smith says:
I have not and will not subscribe to online music sources. My objective is to get the music that I have purchased an own in digital form on my computer (some recorded from vinyl) to play over my home stereo. My PC does not have Bluetooth but is Wi-Fi connected. I have 1 gagillion and six songs. I will not be uploading them to Amazon. The above methods do not work for my needs.
Terry Bogayong says:
This worked. I initially did it by telling the Echo Plus to connect then added using “Add bluetooth device” in Windows 10. That didn’t work. The Echo Plus didn’t show up as a playback device in Windows. Who knew that doing it through the Alex app was different from simply telling the Echo to connect?
Geoffrey Offermann says:
I figured out my problem. My laptop’s OS is Windows 7 and Microsoft is not supporting drivers for it anymore. So I bought a 256 GB SD card for my phone.
Geoffrey Offermann says:
Is my post being reviewed or something?

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