How To Add Channels to Pluto TV

The internet revolution is slowly taking over the TV industry. Everyone is online today, so the demand for online television is bigger than ever before. Pluto TV is an online TV service with an ever-growing list of over 100 channels. While you can’t add extra channels to it, you can expect new channels to appear with time as Pluto TV is constantly adding more and more content to its already impressive catalogue.

Read on to learn everything there is about this excellent online TV service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cable TV services have all kinds of channels to offer, but you have to pay a monthly fee if you want to enjoy them. Well, Pluto TV is 100% free. That’s right; you don’t have to spend a single cent to be able to enjoy what this platform has to offer. Although there are commercials, there are nowhere near as ubiquitous as on actual cable television. What’s more, apart from the 100+ channels, you can enjoy over 1000 movies and TV shows on demand.

Anyone can set up a Pluto TV account to enjoy the program from home or a mobile device. There is no doubt that TV services like this one will take over in the near future.

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How to Set It Up

Pluto TV is available for all devices, including desktop, mobile, smart TVs, and others. You can access the service from your browser, but there is also a desktop app for Mac and Windows users who plan on watching a lot of TV.

Owners of iOS and Android devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and so on, can download apps from their devices’ respective stors. You can even download Pluto TV to your PlayStation 4 and enjoy movies like that. TV manufacturers are slowly joining the revolution and are starting to add extensions for Pluto TV by default. Long story short – you can watch Pluto TV on any device, at any time, and from any location.

The Features

Pluto TV provides users with new content and linear, cable-like channels that can’t be found anywhere else. You can, however, find some recognizable stations like CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and CBSN, CBS’ recently launched streaming news channel.

Pluto TV How to Add Channel

There are many original stations to enjoy, and some of them show content you’ve seen on regular cable. The sports channels usually show games from years ago, while Anime All Day shows only anime24/7. There is something for everyone’s taste, and that’s the main reason why Pluto TV is gaining more and more users by the day. It’s a great alternative to Netflix because it offers decent content for free. Of course, Netflix has much more commercial-free, on demand content to offer, but you have to pay a monthly fee to watch it.

Adding More Channels

As already mentioned, Pluto TV doesn’t leave you with an option to add specific channels yourself. With that said, you should know that many major cable TV companies are looking to make their channels part of this platform.

For example, Viacom is expected to add 15 of their channels, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and others to the platform in the foreseeable future. That’s great news because you’ll get even more content to enjoy for free. Pretty soon, this service is going to become a must-have for cord-cutters around the country.

Available Channels

Pluto TV has channels for everyone’s taste. They are divided into several categories, including Sports, News, Comedy, Movies, and Chill Out. You have probably never heard about most of the channels because they are unavailable outside of Pluto TV, but there are also some familiar channels like Fox Sports, Impact Wrestling, and so on.

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The platform can replace your cable TV without a problem as it offers content for movie enthusiasts, sports fans, science nerds, food-lovers, and children. Their selection of movies is also impressive, allowing you to catch critically lauded titles like Shutter Island and There Will Be Blood.

Pluto TV has recently announced a deal with Discovery, so you will also be able to enjoy the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Life, ID, TLC, and the Science Channel soon.

A Growing Network of Channels

We can say without a doubt that Pluto TV is steadily growing both its channel list and user base. It currently has over 15 million daily users and is adding new ones at a rapid rate. Sadly, you can’t add your own channels, but soon you won’t even feel the need to do so, as more and more broadcasting companies are slowly adding their channels to the platform.

Do you use Pluto TV? How happy are you with the service and which channels would you like to see added in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “How To Add Channels to Pluto TV”

Avatar Debi says:
I love the app on my firestick. Wish I could get TCM with the classic movies.
Avatar donald l Behrends says:
add fox news need
Avatar Rhonda Nelson says:
I would like to see the I Love Lucy channel available in my area.
Avatar David ackler says:
When you will add cw and tvland and freeform and the travel channel fleet fx USA syfy weather channel NFL HBO Showtime epic max tmc momax amax flixe stars
Avatar David says:
When will you have the channels usa walking dead
Avatar Steven c a n t z says:
How do I add the wrestling Channel
Avatar Larwrence Johnson says:
I would like to see you add bravo and the NFL ticket to the list.
Avatar ??? says:
You need a VPN to change your region America has all the channels Canada has crap your probably Canadian get a VPN x VPN again X-VPN will do great your isp spy’s so make sure you use a VPN and check your ip and wired Ethernet ideal wifi slower wire better peace
Avatar Robert St.Clair says:
Need to add fox news network for reliable daily news….
Avatar sally says:
golden girls,alaska state troopers. gunsmoke, western movies,lifetime movie network channel…..
Avatar andy says:
how can I search for a show on pluto, trying to find Untold Stories of the ER. but I don’t see any search options.
Avatar Maria says:
I keep seeing the channel guide starts with the channel #100s Andy channel guide starts at #1001 and it only has 56 channels. Why is this?

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This Guide Last Updated: June 13, 2019

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