Pokémon Go Loses Nearby Tracking Feature

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If you’ve been playing Pokémon Go, you’ve probably noticed that there is a nearby tracking system. The nearby tracking system works by displaying a picture of Pokémon in your area, and being able to know how close they are to you with footprint tracking. One footprint is the closest Pokémon to your location, while three footprints means that the Pokémon is farthest away from you.

The nearby footprint tracking feature never quite worked the way it was supposed to from the get-go (for us, anyway). Lately, every Pokémon on our nearby tracking radar has been three steps away, which wasn’t that helpful, but at least it was something.

Did you update your Pokémon Go app today, as we did, only to find out the nearby tracker now doesn’t display any sort of footprint for any Pokémon? You can still view Pokémon in the vicinity, but now the footprint system seems to have been completely removed from the Pokémon Go application.

Pokémon Tracking Apps

At the time of this writing, the Poke Radar app on our iPhone still seems to be up and running. It’s speculated that the makers of Pokémon Go are cracking down on the apps out there, made by third-party developers to track down Pokémon outside of the Pokémon Go app. Users aren’t very happy with Niantic (the Pokémon Go developer).                                                                                                                                                                                                                Poke Radar

Pokévision, the most beloved Pokémon tracking app, has been shut down for the time being.                                                                         PokevisionWe’re not currently able to determine whether these third-party app makers have gotten notified of legal action coming their way by Niantic, or if they are being blocked or banned from the Pokémon Go server. Word on the street is that Niantic is throttling third-party tracking apps from requesting information from the Pokémon Go server or blocking IP addresses of sites where third-party tracking applications are getting hosted.

Unhappy Pokémon

A great deal of Pokémon Go players have gone from loving Pokémon Go to loving to hate it for its nonsense. First, it’s launched with servers that weren’t able to handle the load demand, then they take away the tracking feature, and now they are blocking any sort of tracking outside of Pokémon Go’s ecosystem. The Pokémon Go app has seen a decline in its ratings through the Apple App Store. Also, players of Pokémon Go have been requesting refunds on items they’ve purchased through both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. It seems that Apple has been honoring those requests because people have said it’s not the app they thought they were getting for their money.  Google Play, meanwhile, is directing its users to contact Niantic directly with their concerns.

Pokémon Go has gone from the top mobile game ever to getting everyone in an uproar over the disappearance of this feature.

Posted by Heather on August 2, 2016

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