How to Install Previous Versions of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 11, 2014
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Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription service that gives users full access to the latest versions of apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Having immediate access to the latest edition of each app is great, but some users aren’t always ready to upgrade. Factors such as third-party plugin compatibility, specialized workflows, or plain old personal preference may lead a user to want an old version of an Adobe app instead of the latest and (supposedly) greatest.
If you’re already running a certain version of a Creative Cloud app like After Effects and a new update comes along, you aren’t required to upgrade. But if you move to a new computer and re-install Creative Cloud Desktop (the central app that manages the installation and syncing of all Adobe apps and services), you’re only presented with the latest version of each app.
Creative Cloud Desktop
Thankfully, Adobe does provide subscribers will access to older versions of Creative Cloud apps, you just need to know where to look for them. To install an older version of Creative Cloud apps, launch Creative Cloud Desktop. You’ll see all of your currently installed apps, which in the case of our screenshot are the latest 2014 versions.
Below the list of installed apps is a “Find New Apps” section, listing all of the other apps that are part of Creative Cloud. By default, these are also the latest versions, but you’ll see a button labeled Filters & Versions. This helps you sort and filter the many Creative Cloud apps by type, but it also gives you the option to find and install previous versions of each app.
Creative Cloud Previous Versions
Select Previous Version from the menu and you’ll notice that all of the Creative Cloud apps are now listed in the “Find New Apps” section, although now without any version information in their names. Clicking on Install for any app reveals a list of all available previous versions. In our screenshot example, selecting Photoshop gives us the option to install the current 2014 version, the original “Creative Cloud” version from 2013, or the Creative Suite 6 version from 2012. Version availability varies by app, but all Creative Cloud apps offer some form of previous version.
Creative Cloud Previous Version
You can run previous versions of most Adobe apps alongside current versions. Just click the desired version from the app’s menu and it will begin the installation process. Once you’re done grabbing your desired previous versions, be sure to change the “Filters & Versions” drop-down back to “All Apps” if you want to make sure that the latest versions are displayed by default going forward.
Previous Version Creative Cloud Photoshop
As a final note, our screenshots in this tip showed Creative Cloud Desktop running in Windows 8.1, but the process works the same on all other versions of Windows and OS X supported by Creative Cloud.

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RA says:
I can’t see previous version
rishabh says:
Hi , mine app tray doesn’t show “previous version” option under ” filters and versions”.
Kevin Downey says:
Thanks for the tip.This could be helpful for the CS users who hate to switch…
Dave C says:
Just say NO to renting software

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