How to Use Private Browsing on the iPad in iOS 8

Posted by Jim Tanous on April 6, 2015
private browsing iPad

We’ve already discussed private browsing and how to enable it on the iPhone in iOS 8, but the steps are slightly different for the iPad, and several readers have asked us for an iPad-specific tutorial. Therefore, without further ado, here’s how to enable private browsing on the iPad in iOS 8.
First, launch Safari and locate the tab browser icon in the upper-right section of the screen (it looks like two stacked rectangles).
private browsing iPad
Tap this icon and you’ll see a list of all of your open tabs, along with open tabs on your other devices if you have iCloud tabs enabled. At the top of this screen, find and tap the word Private. Your currently open tabs will slide away and you’ll see a message in the center of the screen telling you that Private Browsing Mode is now enabled. Just tap the plus icon at the top of the screen to create a new tab in private browsing mode.
private browsing iPad
You’ll know that you’re in private browsing mode if the navigation bar at the top of the screen is dark gray, as opposed to the usual light gray/white color.
private browsing iPad
To leave private browsing mode, tap the tab browser icon again to bring up your open tab list, and then tap Private again to turn private browsing off. Your currently open tabs will slide away and any tabs you previously had open in normal browsing mode will reappear. This works both ways, meaning that when you go back into private browsing mode in the future, any open tabs will reappear.
It’s important to remember that private browsing is not any form of Web security. You’re still vulnerable to things like phishing attacks, and any website you visit will still be able to see your IP address and basic device information. The only thing that private browsing does is prevent the sites you visit from leaving any record in your browser’s history, cache, or autofill database. Therefore, remember to think of private browsing mode not as something that protects your privacy online, but rather something that protects your privacy from other users of your iPad at home.

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