5 Best Private Search Engines to Anonymize Your Data

Google, Yahoo and Bing are renowned for many things but respecting your privacy isn’t one of them. You are tracked, logged and collated every time you use these search engines. While the vast majority of the data is anonymized, you are still followed around the internet like the new best friend of a lost puppy. These aren’t’ the only search engines though. There are quite a number of private search engines that don’t collect your data.

Even if you have nothing to hide, it doesn’t mean you should be okay with being tracked, studied or followed. Using incognito mode or private browsing isn’t quite as private as you might think, so your only real option is to use an anonymized VPN and/or a private search engine.

Here are five private search engines that are well worth checking out if privacy is important to you.


DuckDuckGo is my search engine of choice and has been for a couple years now. It doesn’t track you in any way, shape or form and is a credible search engine too. It has been designed from the ground up to be a private search engine without advertising or sponsored results. It isn’t as powerful as Google, but it isn’t far off.


WolframAlpha is another private search engine but with a twist. It’s a knowledge-based engine suitable for students, academics or searchers looking for specific answers. It can perform calculations, find out about famous people, teach you about medicine and all that good stuff. It is a search engine like the others, but also had other strengths.



Startpage isn’t exactly a search engine, more a go-between. Search using the site and it in turn submits that search to Google for you. There is no tracking and none of your data is being shared as Startpage strips it all out. It’s a neat way to harness the power of Google, Yahoo and Bing without the tracking.


Ixquick are the people behind Startpage and also run a private search engine under their own name. This version collates search engine results from a range of sources, not just Google while also stripping out all identifiable data before submitting the search. If you like to case your net wider than the market leader, this is one engine that does it.



Hulbee is another private search engine that offers all the benefits without the tracking. It also encrypts your searches for a little extra security goodness. It also offers a range of results that include images, video, music and translations, just like the big boys too.

We are watched enough as it is and while you may not be doing anything of interest to the government, why should they track everything you do? Using a private search engine is just one of the many ways you can increase your online security. It also happens to be the easiest too. Know any other private search engines worth checking out? Make your suggestions below.

Posted by Jamie on November 22, 2016

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