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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is rushing towards the title of the most popular game in the world at staggering speeds. This is partly because it is available on all main platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One. You can also play it on iOS and Android. With mobile gaming on the rise, it’s safe to say that it’s the iOS and Android platforms that led to this game’s extensive and expanding popularity.

This online multiplayer battle royale game is all about PvP and, as such, it requires the player to adapt quickly and resort to various tricks and hacks. Here are some great PUBG tips and tricks for mobile gamers.


In PUBG, you are deployed to the battlefield via parachute. This makes the first few seconds of the game incredibly important. You choose your landing zone, so knowing where to go is the key. As a beginner gamer, you are advised to keep away from areas with high traffic. If there is a large number of buildings in an area, that is probably not a place you should land.

Aim for smaller settlements, where you’ll be able to find solid loot and weapons, without risking a large number of experienced players gunning you down before you can even get a chance to move around. Aim for Mylta and Gatka locations as soon as you’re out of the airplane.


Do Not Engage Immediately

Unless you are incredibly lucky, you won’t find awesome weapons as soon as your boots hit the ground. If you don’t have an awesome weapon, try avoiding other players. If you hear someone else in the area, turn around and run away, as they might be carrying a weapon.

Always Be on the Lookout for Other Players

You should never forget to pay attention to other players, especially when you’re exploring a new area. Seeing the other player likely means that you’re already too late and that they’ve already seen you. So look out for telltale signs of activity – for example, a building with open doors and no ammo inside. And if you’re hoping to avoid being followed, always remember to close the doors behind you.

Always Be on the Lookout for Other Players

Take That Shotgun

Given the fact the majority of PUBG takes place outside, you might not find the shotgun to be the best weapon in the game. In fact, you may dismiss it as useless. But when it comes to close-range combat, which is especially important in the beginning while you’re checking out buildings for resources, the shotgun is the best choice.

Switch Armors

In PUBG, armors do not last long. The more you engage in combat, the more worn down an armor becomes. Keep changing the armor as you find it, to keep yourself protected, even if you have to downgrade to a lower level. Bad armor is better than no armor.

Don’t Rush

PUBG is all about playing smart and being at your top form in battles. Don’t rush into a battle, even if you see a player whose level is lower than yours. Prepare before picking a fight and always be prepared to respond.

Find the Weapon That Suits Your Playstyle

During a game, you’ll come across a multitude of weapons. It is essential that you try them all and learn which one works the best for you. Even if you come across a more advanced weapon, there’s a chance that you’re better off with the one that fits your style.


Scopes are extremely important in this game unless your weapon of choice is a shotgun. If you aren’t a fan of close-quarter fights, you should keep an eye on the 4x scope attachment.

Zigzag Is the Right Way

This may sound ridiculous, but go zigzag. Going in a straight line while under fire will likely get you killed. Run in a haphazard or zigzag pattern to avoid those bullets.

Take the Footgear Off

Sound plays a crucial role in PUBG. That’s how you can hear your enemies approaching you. If you are the one using stealth for enemy takedowns, take those boots off and go in with bare feet. This tip is especially important towards the end of the game. Oh, and make sure to use the headphones.

Be Mindful of Your Zones

Don’t be that player who goes off running in the red zone when the timer’s about to run out. This will only get you killed. Instead, stick with the edge of the blue circle to safely pick off your enemies, one by one.

Know-How to Sprint

Running away or towards something? Put those weapons away to gain speed. They won’t do you any good while sprinting, anyway.

Know When to Use Vehicles

Stumbling upon a car and using it to get from point A to point B quickly and safely is an excellent idea. You can even run your enemies over, and they won’t be able to target you easily. However, the more you start approaching the blue circle, the more of a burden a car will become. Ditch it somewhere near the edge of the blue circle if you want to avoid the other players noticing you.

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