Pushbullet vs. mighty text

Posted by Heather on November 22, 2016
Pushbullet vs. mighty text

Cross-platform messaging from your mobile device to your computer or tablet is something that once you’ve had it, you can’t live without it.  If you’ve ever owned an iPhone and an Apple computer or tablet then, you may have heard of and even used imessaging.  It’s messaging and phone calling made easier and in sync across your devices.

Never had either?   Well, no worries, you can have it even if you don’t own any Apple products.  We’ll be covering the two most popular cross-platform messaging applications you can use instead of imessage.


Pushbullet app

The Pushbullet application can be used in conjunction with your Android or iOS devices.  That’s really great because you can have an Android Smartphone and an Apple computer.  You’ll get your messages pushed across your devices as long as you have a compatible web browser installed.  Once you have that all you do is add the Pushbullet app to your web browser, set things up and you’re ready to go.

Let’s get into what Pushbullet is and what it can do for you.  As we’ve stated, it’s a cross-platform messaging application, but it’s a little more.  You can send and receive text messages, phone calls, get notifications from your phone, send links, send files, chat with friends and follow groups of interest from Pushbullet.  It’s messaging taken one step further and is highly comparable to imessage.

If that sounds like something you’d like then, go to the Pushbullet website and get started by making an account.  Once you’ve created your account and log in the Pushbullet interface walks you through the rest of the steps to get you on your way.  They even have a handy tutorial video for setting up in case you’re more of a visual person.

You’ll be able to use Pushbullet with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera web browsers so, you’re not limited, choose your favorite.  Pushbullet works with Android, iOS, and Windows as well so, again no limits.  This makes Pushbullet a great cross-platform messaging application no matter what.

Mighty Text

mighty text app

Unlike Pushbullet, mighty text is aimed at and geared more specifically toward Android users.  It works with your Android Smartphone and you can send and receive text and MMS messages from your tablet, phone or computer.  You’ll also receive call notifications and be able to text directly within Gmail just as you would in a Google chat or hangout.

Got more than one person texting or chatting at you?  No problem with Mighty Text you can have multiple conversations at a time.  If your phone isn’t right by your side you’ll also receive battery notifications so, you’ll know when you need to charge up.  Need those directions from your computer on your phone?  Just send the link or map from your computer to your Android Smartphone.

If you’re a photo lover then, you’re going to like being able to edit and customize your pictures with filters and stickers within the mighty text app.  You can sync and store your phone’s photos and video directly from your phone.  Then, share your photo with one click.

So, mighty text is a cross-platform messaging application with more of a focus on Android and Google integration so if that’s what you need and are looking for, this would be a no-brainer.  You’ll still be able to send and receive texts and MMS messages, but it’s not as feature rich like Pushbullet.  If you’re looking for a simple application just to send and receive messages cross-platform with a couple extra bells and whistles then, mighty text may be right for you.

You can still pick and choose your favorite web browser as mighty text works with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.  You’ll need to have an Android smartphone to use mighty text, it’s not available on iOS devices at this time.

Oh, you can get even more features for a price.  It’s $4.99 for a monthly Pro subscription or $39.99 per year for an annual subscription service.  This applies to both Pushbullet and mighty text.

After all is said and done, these are two great choices when you’re looking to get your text and MMS messages across your devices.  Each one will do the job.  If you’re strictly an Android fan and like Google integration then, we’d say take a look at mighty text first.

When you’re keeping an open mind and want something that’s not exclusively one way or another then, Pushbullet deserves your attention.  It’s very feature rich for the free version and if you find yourself wanting a little more, you can get the paid Pro version.

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C Lew says:
Pushbullet does work on an iphone.. but the SMS function that is available for Android is not available in the iPhone version. I just installed it on my Android and on my Mom’s iPhone — there is no SMS function included in the iPhone version’s menu. I’ve yet to find a single app that will push SMS messages between a pc and an iPhone.

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