What Does Quick Add Mean in Snapchat?

Posted by Arch on May 14, 2019

Perhaps more than any other application this decade, Snapchat seems to have left a deep impact on society as a whole. While Instagram has adapted many of Snapchat’s features as their own throughout the app, it’s Snapchat that put an emphasis on taking social networks back to private, smaller circles designed for sharing intimate moments. Whether it’s watching cat videos, other people’s fails, or silently judging everyone else’s posts, social media platforms are a perfect spot for one other noble activity- making friends!

Indeed, there’s not an app yet developed that would dare to call itself a social media platform without the option to add people who are near and dear to you as your friends. (Or just shoving as many people as possible in your friends’ list for reasons of vanity and possibly sheer boredom. Whatever the reason behind clicking that ‘add friend’ button (in its many forms across the social media spectrum of platforms), meeting new people is always a positive thing, even if things go sour after you get to know them better. It’s still the socializing effort that counts, right?

In this article, we’ll talk about adding friends on Snapchat- a zippy social media platform for sharing experiences and personal stories or organizing your friends into cliques and creating Group Stories. It’s a lovely layout, really, and what’s more- there are several ways you can add someone as a friend! Goes to show how dedicated these Snapchat folks are to expanding their community!

To be even more precise with article description, we’ll talk about one particular way of adding friends- the Quick Add option. It’s all pretty simple, really, but still worth taking a closer look just to see how it works, for those unfamiliar with the entire thing.

The Ways to Add Friends on Snapchat

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to introducing new people to your world, Snapchat is one of the best social media platforms out there, as it allows you to do it in four different ways! So, even the clumsiest of users will be able to figure out how to expand their friend circle using this cheeky app. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Contact Book

It almost sounds intuitive, doesn’t it? Want to add a new friend- whip out your contact book, search for the person’s name and then do some button-pushin’ business to seal the deal! To be more precise, the procedure goes thus:

Tap the profile icon in the top-left corner of your screen. It looks like a little arrow of sorts. After that, tap ‘add friends’, then ‘contacts’, and then ‘find friends’! The Snapchat friend-finding procedure will then help you with the rest of the procedure.

2. Snapcode

One of the interesting features of Snapchat is that each user gets their very own Snapcode – a personal code that’s unique to their profile and cannot be replicated by someone else. One of the curious uses for this code is adding friends.

The deal is quite simple: If you’re physically close to someone (and they’ve got their phone with them, of course) or otherwise have a picture of their Snapcode, you can scan that visual code with your camera and then add them as friends! It’s similar to buying something at the supermarket. The cashier runs the product through that code-recognizing thing and then you pay. (Except instead of a product, you’re dealing with a living person here, and there’s no paying involved. Yet. We do hope it stays that way.)

3. Username

This is by far the most complicated method, but it’s still rather simple in itself. What you do is go to your profile (as you would if you were going to open that contact book) and then tap ‘Add Friends’. Now, instead of looking for someone by searching your ‘Contacts’, you tap ‘Snapcode’ instead and then choose a photo with their Snapcode.

After you’ve done this, tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen, type in their username and then simply tap ‘+Add’ and there you have it! You’ve befriended another person via their barcode! (Snapcode! We meant Snapcode.)

4. Quick Add

Last but not least, there’s the Quick Add option. Occasionally, Snapchat’s algorithm will automatically suggest some people to you, usually based on the number of common friends or similar metrics. So, if a ‘Quick Add’ option does pop up, it will appear between ‘Friends’ and ‘Subscription’ sections.

Now, if you happen to agree with Snapchat’s algorithm, simply tap ‘Add’ et voila!- a friend request will be sent. (If you, on the other hand, wouldn’t like to add that suggested person as a friend, simply tap on the ‘X’ to make that suggestion disappear!)

So, there you have it, folks! The Quick Add option is something like Snapchat’s version of Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ thing, where they suggest to you some users based on your mutual friends, interests or some other metrics. Hope you found this article helpful and we wish you plenty of interesting and colorful friends in the future!

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billi says:
when it showed to me as added u by phone is that mean he added me or i’m just on his phone list and i was added automatically ?

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