How To Quote Someone On Discord

Posted by Max Moeller on March 2, 2019

Discord is a free chat application used by gamers across the world. Ever since its inception, millions of players have gathered together to build communities around their favorite games, projects, and other ideas.

Because of the platform’s focus on chat, gamers are used to all sorts of features like bold, italics, underlining, and more built right in via markdown. These additions help users express themselves more often, and ensure that Discord remains a personality-based space.

However, one feature that users consistently search for in Discord is the ability to quote others. The work-focused alternative to Discord, Slack, has this feature. It also allows users to respond to each other in threads and star messages – both critical aspects of quality digital conversation.

Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t have the feature to quote others or their messages. However, there is a slight alternative to doing so, if you really want the functionality that badly. It comes in the form of code blocks.

Using Code Blocks To Quote Somebody On Discord

While there isn’t a dedicated quote system in Discord, you can use the code block feature to achieve a very similar effect.

Normally, this is used to highlight code in a long list of lines, but because it’s so simple to do it might as well be used as a quote function. To do so, simply place the phrase you want to quote within two ‘ symbols.

Example: ‘quotable phrase.’

By doing this, the phrase will be inserted into a code block. While this isn’t ideal for someone wanting a quote, the format is incredibly similar to one. You can also do multi-lined ones for texts that span a few different levels.

That said, while there isn’t a traditional method of quoting, some Discord admins may install a bot that enables quotes and other features. This bot would have to be added into every channel it would be used in, but it’s worth the effort for those who really want to quote others.

Legendary Customization

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to customize the Discord platform. Different themes are built-in, with the ability to change font sizes, text zoom, and more.

Those looking for extra personalization can install BetterDiscord – a modified version of Discord that enables users to download customized themes and alter other aspects of the platform. Fortunately, Discord has an open API, so anyone can go in and create their own versions of the social application.

What’s great about Discord is that users are only limited by their creativity. If someone knows how to code and can manipulate the existing language, they can do whatever they’d like to the platform. Plus, most creators end up placing their creations online, available for free for anyone to try out.

Also, Discord has changed a ton in the past few years. It has evolved from a simple chat app to a space where developers can sell their games. Who knows if they’ll end up implementing a quote feature or some other kind of update that people will love in the near future.

One thought on “How To Quote Someone On Discord”

Floffah says:
this is incorrect, quotes can be used by starting a message with “>>>” or “>”
Bloo says:
Okay but how do you end the quote
J says:
you don’t. you just put a space after the “>” and then type the quote in.

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