RAID: Shadow Legends Continues Fantasy Game Revolution

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on May 23, 2019
shadow legends

The fantasy game revolution continues, with players increasingly looking to medieval-themed fantasy lands filled with elements of battle, warfare and magic to fill their gaming time. Call it the influence of Game of Thrones as the pinnacle of high entertainment, or the rise of multiplayer battle royale games that opens up worlds and allows players to get involved with all aspects of the in-game universe.

The latest title to hit the market that satisfies this need for fantastical quests and daring battles is developed by the producers of Vikings: War of Clans, Throne: Kingdom at War, and Stormfall: Age of War – so they have some expertise when it comes to period games that feature warfare; only this time, there are elements of magic involved.

RAID: Shadow Legends Brings the Battle

Plarium’s newest game RAID: Shadow Legends is set in Teleria, the fictional fantasy land that is experiencing a time of turmoil – rife for exciting and innovative gameplay. The game takes elements of strategic gameplay, dexterity over battles, the human-to-human involvement of choosing teams, and carefully building your army of champions and gaining XP.

The blend of both PvP and PvE gameplay means that there are different challenges that keep the game fresh. The elements exist from Plarium’s other games in strategically building a team, but the fantasy elements mean that more creative license can be taken on the abilities of various champions, and thinking is needed in deciding who your team should be comprised of. The game can be as intensive as players want it to be, with difficulty growing in line with your own strength and ability.

shadow legends

All of the Features of a Fantasy Battle Arena

Taking inspiration from the rise in MMOs, the game offers PvP arena modes, which pit you against real opponents, adding that extra level of complexity to the battle. These arenas feature leaderboards and allow you to deftly rise up to best your opponents, winning rare items and rewards for your strategic knowledge in the process. The game allows for PvE gameplay, too, and incorporates over 300 different champions for you to choose to work with, or against. The 16 different factions feature orcs, lizard people, and the undead among almost any fantasy beast you can imagine. Adding a traditional platform-game tinge is the boss battles, which allow players to fight bosses to win XP and loot.

Fantasy games grasp hold of players’ attention for a number of reasons. They allow us to flex our strategic muscles in order to succeed in battles, while giving us a flair of imagination by using all manner of creature to do so. Perhaps we can thank Game of Thrones for unleashing fantasy to an audience who otherwise wouldn’t be interested, or we can thank the fantasy game forbearers who ushered in a new style of gameplay through long quests and games that actually required some analytical thinking. Plarium’s RAID: Shadow Legends can stand strong as taking on the strengths of its predecessors and moving in a new fantastical direction.

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