Razer’s Character-Specific Overwatch Lineup Showcases the Power of a Character

Razer’s recent announcement of new Overwatch-inspired peripherals was surprising – but also right in line with what the company would normally do. They have created eSports-team licensed stuff before, but no gaming company has ever created an entire line of accessories for a single character. Razer creating D.Va-inspired items is a bold move because it’s so rare that a gaming character gains such a huge following in real-time to warrant such things being made. It’s one thing for a pop culture phenomenon to launch and lead to a lot of merchandise – Pac-Man, Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog had that many years ago. Since then, some franchises like Halo have seen occasional pieces of merch made – like controllers, and that held true for Overwatch too.

However, since the game’s launch, Overwatch has become one of the biggest FPS franchises on the market and is on a fast track to becoming an all-time classic. With its diverse lineup of characters and unique universe driven by a plethora of online content, the game has managed to find a way to not only make hero team-based shooters a thing – but make them their own massive sub-genre within gaming. Plenty of imitators have come up, including the free to play Paladins – but nothing has quite come close to equaling its success in any measurable metric.

D.Va’s backstory as a pro gamer is one that definitely tugs at the heartstrings of players and allows them to live vicariously through the character in a way that isn’t usually seen in a game. Plenty of games would throw in a token nerd character – but very few make being a part of nerd culture something to be celebrated. She’s out to stop an invasion andd oes so great power as a short-range beast of a character. Her power plays to the general rules of thumb from years gone by of female characters being support-only or not being powerful. D.Va is one of the most powerful characters in the game in the right hands, and in another instance of gender roles being played with – pink is a color to be feared in the game.

Therefore, it’s pretty fitting that various shades of pink adorn the new D.Va line of merchandise. the new Goliathus mouse mat looks outstanding – with a cute sinister bunny front and center as the star of it. The dark shade of pink used throughout is snappy, while the blue and lighter pink work as a nice contrast.The Elite mouse is one of the nicer-looking mice out there from Razer, who usually crafts a lot of black and green stuff – so it’s great to see more colors being used on their stuff. Like the Goliathus, it features a dark pink and rich blue alongside her bunny icon – without the light pink. The bunny is all-white with sinister black and white eyes. The dark blue and pink appearance is sharp and the vertical lined-interface makes it look sleek.

The Abyssus Elite mouse aims to offer up true 7,200 DPI with tracking at 220 inches per second – so for accurate aiming and fast shooting, it should work wonderfully for not only Overwatch, but other first-person shooters as well. One great thing about the mouse is its ambidextrous design – allowing for seamless switching between left and right-handed button setups. This is a must-have feature for southpaws, and can even be used by right-handed players to try and gain a bit more mobility and usage out of their non-dominant hand if they so desire. It may not be something that works as impressive ad copy – but is a way a mouse like this can improve the end user’s quality of life.

The Meka headset was also announce, and while it fits in with her character, it doesn’t exactly look like the most comfortable thing in the world. It has a heavily-angular design, and while the thick cushion on top should help things, the shape seems like it will hold it back. It simply doesn’t seem all that easy to actually wear – even if it would work nicely for some D.Va cosplay. The triangular ear cups also have a mesh design that does seem like it would grate against your ears slightly over extended periods of usage – which does also happen with Skullcandy headphones that also have a similar mesh design. The ear cups are at least large though – so they should fit over the ears fully even if they aren’t actual over the ear headphones.

Razer hasn’t announced a release date or pricing for any aspect of the DVa product line. Theoretically, everything would be priced about in line with their usual products. With that in mind, the mouse will probably be about $60. The Goliathus in its regular form is $35, so that probably won’t change too much. There has never been a headset Razer made with quite the shape and form factor of these – so it’s tough to get a gauge on it. On the low end, I would figure it being $70, with $100 being probably on the high end since Razer tries to keep that as their ceiling for headphones – but they could probably tax on some extra cost to these thanks to Overwatch and not lose any sales.

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