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Recover Lost Files on Mac with Stellar Data Recovery

Recover Lost Files on Mac with Stellar Data Recovery

There aren’t too many things we can think of that are worse than losing important documents, photos, videos, and sentimental items we want to hold onto. All too often we take for granted backup services, storage, and digital copies of important information.

But what happens when something goes wrong? When you lose important data and files you may feel hopeless. Fortunately, we here at TechJunkie have scoured the internet for some of the best data recovery tools available for Mac today.

From simplicity to effectiveness, Stellar Data Recovery seems to be the perfect tool to help you recover those precious lost files. Keep reading for our review of Stellar Data Recovery.

What Does Data Recovery Software Do?

Data recovery software is exactly what the name implies. It helps you to retrieve seemingly deleted files from your hard drive, USB devices, and more. Essentially, you download the software to your device and grant it permission to scan your hardware for any missing files.

Once found, the tool makes it simple to retrieve those files. Overall, Stellar Data Recovery makes this process much more simple than other options available in 2021.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Effective?

In May of 2021, we ran tests on Stellar Data Recovery to verify the reviews from other websites. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised with this software.

First, the software is incredibly fast. Upon opening Stellar Data Recovery, we quickly chose the location we’d like to search for files. Within seconds, Stellar Data Recovery found over 1,600 files (some of which we weren’t even expecting the software to find). 

Second, it was even easier to recover our lost files. As we’ll explain in a little bit more detail below, we simply selected the files we wanted back and clicked the ‘Recover’ button. After setting our destination, the files were easily accessible once again.

How to Use Stellar Data Recovery

Using this software is pleasantly simple. No matter your technical abilities, Stellar Data Recovery is made for all skillsets. With a user-friendly interface, guided instructions, and even 24/5 technical support, this is one of the more comprehensive data recovery tools for Mac we’ve found.

To install the Stellar Data Recovery software on your PC or Mac, follow these instructions.

  1. Visit the Download website and click on the option to ‘Download.’
  2. Let the file load and click on it when it appears. If you’re using a Mac you’ll need to drag the app icon to the Applications folder. If you’re using a PC you’ll need to allow the file to make changes to your computer.
  3. Open the application.

That’s all you need to do to complete the installation of Stellar Data Recovery.

Next, you can start recovering your lost files. Here’s how:

  1. Open Stellar Data recovery and select which files you’d like to recover. Or, toggle the switch for ‘Everything’ on and recover all of your lost data. Click ‘Next’ when you’ve made your selections.
  2. Select the drives that you’d like to search. If you’re scanning your hard drive you may need to input a password.
  3. Click ‘Scan’ in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. A new window will appear with the files that Stellar Data Recovery has found. Select the files you’d like to recover. Then, click ‘Recover.’
  5. A window will appear asking you where you’d like to save those files. Choose the file destination.

The files recovered will quickly appear in the destination folder for you to enjoy, send to the Cloud, or use again.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe?

One of the questions we’re often asked about third-party software is “Will this compromise my device?” Of course, this is a great question! Data Recovery tools need permission to access all of the information that has ever been stored on your device. For some users, this is a great concern.

Based on our research, we felt comfortable allowing this access because the software has over 3 Million customers, with 25 years of experience, and more than 100 awards for excellence. So, we gave all permissions necessary to Stellar Data Recovery, and of course, had no issues.

It’s also worth mentioning that Stellar Data Recovery walked us through each step necessary to allow these permissions. If you’ve ever run into a security issue you may know how frustrating it can be to find all of the permissions necessary to run the software. With Stellar Data Recovery’s user-friendly interface we were taken directly to the instructions and settings needed. It was pretty neat.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Worth the Cost?

As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” If you’ve lost important documents, files, and photos, Stellar Data Recovery is certainly worth the cost. Especially to retrieve sentimental items you may never get back otherwise.

Opposed to some other free software available online, Stellar Data Recovery is secure, trusted, and effective. It is for these reasons alone we’d rather pay for the software than risk a virus or scam. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can recover up to 1GB of data absolutely free by clicking on this link.

What is the Cost?

The price points vary depending on your needs. Individuals who need to recover files from a device that will not boot, create disk images, and recover files from lost partitions will need to go with the Professional plan (starting at $79.99 for Mac and PC users).

If you need to repair video files you’ll definitely need the Premium tier which is only $99.99 for Mac and PC users. Of course, PC users do have a few more options than Mac users.

If you’re a technician who needs to recover files on multiple devices you’ll need the technician plan. The cost of which is only $149.

Our Review of Stellar Data Recovery

Any user of new software will quickly realize it takes some time to figure out all of the features, functions, and quirks of the interface. We were pleasantly surprised by how fast we were able to learn the software thanks to the helpful guides. The developers have really thought of everything.

The quick scans quickly recovered all our test files. But, we also tested the ‘Deep Scan’ functions. The deep scan scoured our entire system for any recoverable files. Although it took an average of seven minutes we found quite a few files in a relatively short amount of time.

Overall, we are pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness, usability, and security of Stellar Data Recovery making it one of our favorite new tools.

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